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    The recently compiled list of questions posed by forum members to leading racing journalist Paul Haigh have now been answered by Paul.

    I would like to thank Paul very much for being brave enough to stand up and allow us to fire uncensored/edited questions at him but also for being even braver with some of his answers. Those of you who, like me, have been reading him for the last twenty plus years will be unsurprised at his honesty and candid approach!

    Thank you Paul.

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    Only worked my way through some of this, but its great stuff

    Thanks to the posters and Zorro

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    Enjoyed it too.<br>Fair play to zorro, good answers to some interesting Qs.

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    Respect to the becowled rapiersmith.

    dave jay
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    Well done all .. good reading and great answers.

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    A most fascinating expose from a masked man, and<br> so interesting to peek through the slits<br> into the Haigh world. <br> <br> <br>

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    Many thanks for your interesting and candid replies to forumites’ questions.

    I agree entirely with your "internationalist" views on racing outside of the British Isles, and I’m convinced that international racing has to be the future of the sport.

    Why are so many of your colleagues so slow to realise this and remain so insular in their outlook, and what can be done to change this?

    Take the Global Sprint Challenge as an example. This is the only competitive and meaningful "international championship" in the sport, with great stories in its short life – Silent Witness, Takeover Target etc. Yet many followers of the sport could be forgiven for not being aware of its existence, never mind the wider world, sporting and otherwise, outside.

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    Thanks to all.

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