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    retired aged 14years, the right decision


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    I’m not against horses running as teenagers if they enjoy it, Ollie fell out of love with racing a long time ago.

    About time!

    value is everything
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    It’s the right decision – he didn’t look happy after the race at Sandown.

    He owes nothing to anybody – many good memories of him.

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    I thought he’d had a fracture last year, and wasn’t expecting to see him racing again, so it was a surprise to see him declared the other day. Dear little horse; has been a great favourite of mine in recent years [think Wetherby!].Hope he has a lovely retirement.

    The Young FellaThe Young Fella
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    What a tough animal Ollie Magern has been.

    When I first got interested in punting, Ollie Magern had won his first Charlie Hall Chase. I fancied him to win The Gold Cup after that. :oops:

    Of course, he was never quite up to that level, but that doesn’t detract from his remarkable constitution and enthusiasm. So many times at the top level he would bounce away into the lead, jump boldly, get swamped by Kauto, Denman et al, then finish absolutely legless in the distance. Two or three weeks later, top-weight in a major handicap? No problem. Ollie could do the same again, usually finishing in the first half dozen. He has such a zest for racing where many would have gone sour with the same schedule.

    I think my favourite memory of Ollie Magern is his first Charlie Hall. It looked like Kingscliff and Take The Stand were going to outstay him, but he had them both jelly-legged in the home straight after outjumping them all the way.

    I am sure he will have a very nice retirement with his owner-breeder Roger Nicholls – probably an active one too. Surely Ollie Magern isn’t a ‘pipe and slippers’ type!

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    One of my favourite horses, thanks for the memories and happy retirement old boy :D

    Gazs Way De SolzenGazs Way De Solzen
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    Such a tough and genuine horse, and a very talented one too.

    Hope he has a great retirement.

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    I went to see him at Perth in the Perth Gold Cup. He was the pick of the paddock by a mile and went on to win what turned out to be his last race.

    Likeable horse in all respects.

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    I didn’t realise you gave Philip blowjobs as well as Nicky.

    post by Zarkava just what this forum needs

    Miss WoodfordMiss Woodford
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    I didn’t realise you gave Philip blowjobs as well as Nicky.

    post by Zarkava just what this forum needs

    :shock: What thread was this supposed to be in?

    Seven TowersSeven Towers
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    Perhaps it was supposed to be on a PM :shock:

    Old Applejack
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    Got a lot to thank Ollie for. Some seven years ago, I’d just started going out with this lass. I was at her house one Saturday afternoon, and, ever the romantic, I requested with some trepidation, that might we watch the racing?

    She agreed, and Ollie was running in the Charlie Hall, I think. He set off in front customary perky style and said lass’s reaction was "Oh I like HIM, he’s a bonny horse". And thus, an interest was born.

    She started to get into racing and, to my eternal amazement and gratitude, has sampled the likes of Uttoxeter and a wet Market Rasen with me. We are now married and bringing up a future punter.

    So thanks, once again, Ollie Magern.

    (though my other half wasn’t half torn when SW-C rode Ollie in the National. She’s taken against him for some reason).

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    I am pleased he has managed to get out of the game in one piece. I am guessing the owners bred him as they seem to have owned all his siblings too, so a nice happy retirement in a lush field beckons.

    I only saw him once, Feb 2006 at Wincanton, finished 4th. What struck me was the genuinely high levels of affection the owners entourage showed to him when he came back to unsaddle. It was very touching, and they clearly love their horse.

    That said it was imo a mistake to bring him back, what would have happened if he has met with a fatal accident. The heartbreak to owners and fans alike would have been awful.

    I have probably banged on about it before, but Doran’s Pride at Cheltenham’s foxhunters was a bitter pill to swallow, and I do think when a horse has given his all and is clearly in steep decline, it is tempting fate to ask him to continue racing as there is only so much luck you can use up. It may be one thing taking them hunting, or even point-to-pointing, but asking these old horses to go flat out on a grade 1 track over stiff fences is placing them under a lot of risk.

    Moscow Flyer and Florida Pearl, two of my favourite horses of recent years, were both rightly (imo) retired when their best days were clearly behind them.

    I know Eric’s Charm is a notable exception, as he had just returned to his career high winning handicap mark immediately prior to being killed however I personally think if a horse has given many years of service to connections, they ought to think about how lucky they have been, and maybe that luck could run out one day. This is not meant to criticise Eric’s connections becasue it is obvious how devastating his death was to them, however I just wanted to make the point that luck does play a massive part in jump racing and sometimes it runs out.

    peter .hpeter .h
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    Some seven years ago, I’d just started going out with this lass. I was at her house one Saturday afternoon, and, ever the romantic, I requested with some trepidation, that might we watch the racing?

    I’m glad i’m not the only one :lol: Unfortunately my question ended in divorce :(

    Okay i was 16 and we weren’t really married, but same principles.

    I digress…

    Loved this horse to bits. My favourite Ollie memory was infact a losing effort in the Charlie Hall a couple years ago when Nacarat won. Seeing him as an 11 year old jumping for fun, leading a merry dance was just a treat to watch and a regret i will carry for life is that i never saw him race in person.

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    Wonderful horse, so pleased he’s retired in one piece. Hope he has a long and fun filled retirement.

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