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    I’m delighted to announce another new competition on the forum which hopefully offers a little something different. This one is the brainchild of forum member Non Vintage (who will be taking care of the scoring, etc) and I’m pleased to announce that Betfair have kindly agreed to sponsor it with the winner receiving a £30 free bet.

    The competition will start this Sunday (20th May) and can be found in the ‘Competitions’ section of the forum. The rules (explained here by NV) are as follows :-

    FORMAT <br>This competition will be run over four consecutive Sundays, and will feature nine races (‘holes’) each Sunday. As far as is possible, these will be the first three races at each of the three UK meetings, with any variations to this notified the day before (in the case of likely abandonments, etc.).

    After the first 18 holes (at the end of week 2), a cut will reduce the field by half, and those making the cut will go on to compete over a further 18 holes.

    Obviously, the winner will be the person with the lowest overall score at the end of both rounds.

    In the event of a tie, a three-hole play-off will be organised and held on a date agreed between the competitors involved, and repeated as necessary until a single winner emerges.

    <br>SCORING <br>Golfers nominate one horse as a lay per race for each of the nine races (with a reserve if desired). All 9 lays must be posted prior to the off of the first of the races.

    Each race is treated as a Par 4 hole, and scoring relevant to par is as follows:

    +3 — A winner at 14/1+ <br>+2 — Any other winner <br>+1 — A loser at 11/1+ <br>Par — A loser at between 4/1 and 10/1 <br>-1 — A loser at between 6/4 and 7/2 <br>-2 — A loser at between 8/11 and 11/8 <br>-3 — A loser at 4/6 or shorter

    +1 — Non-runner

    Scoring is determined by the starting price. Should there be a Rule 4, SPs will be recalculated accordingly.

    ADJUDICATION <br>In the event of any disputes, claims of corrupt practice, Ryder Cup style sledging, or sneaky illegal drops being taken, I will step in and sort it out in a suitable way. My decision will be final. Unless it’s wrong.

    Please let us know if any queries about the rules. <br>

    non vintage
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    The 9 holes on Sunday will be as follows:

    2:00 Market Rasen – <br>2:10 Ripon – <br>2:20 Fakenham – <br>2:30 Market Rasen – <br>2:40 Ripon – <br>2:50 Fakenham – <br>3:00 Market Rasen – <br>3:10 Ripon – <br>3:20 Fakenham –

    All entries must be posted prior by 13:59 on Sunday, and I’ll produce the scorecards in the evening!

    Special thanks to Cormack for negotiating a prize and to Betfair for sponsoring!!!  :biggrin:

    madman marz
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    So lay every hot fav, all get stuffed and I will be gone beyond recall, or they all win and I am most likely to finish last. But is it not worth taking a chance that all the favs get stuffed as I have absoluetly nothing to lose. Non Vintage its a very well thought out competition but picking losers doesn’t have the same buzz as picking a winner !.

    madman marz
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    Right here’s mine.

    The Gleaner 2.0 mr<br>Viper 2.30mr<br>Ar an shron 3.0mr<br>Rio Taffeta 2.10r<br>prunes 2.40r<br>montiboli 3.10r<br>Kyathos 2.20f<br>sahara legend 2.50f<br>englishtown 3.20f.

    Opposing JJ O Neill favourites has been profitable for me regulary.

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    2:00 Market Rasen – Petrovka<br>2:10 Ripon – Splitthedifference<br>2:20 Fakenham – Flower Haven<br>2:30 Market Rasen – Viper<br>2:40 Ripon – Mafiosio<br>2:50 Fakenham – Day Du Roy<br>3:00 Market Rasen – Gatston Star<br>3:10 Ripon – Gulf Coast<br>3:20 Fakenham – Englishtown

    Interesting idea, thanks for organising.

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