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    mr angus
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    Hi All,

    A friend and I have developed our own dutching system. ( What we would like to do is to give other punters a chance to have a play with our system and to get some feedback on it. We are thinking to eventually launch it as a commercial product, although we are a little way from that at the moment. We have also developed a computer betting system and  a statistical collection and analiysis tool. We plan to sell all three as a suite of programs for punters. But for now I wonder if you guys can have a look at this. I should point out that this is just a bare-bones knock up and is by no means a finished product. How to use it:<br> <br>-select the number of bets you will be laying. <br>-select your choice of a known stake or the profit you want. <br>-enter the amount of the stake of profit in the total sume box<br>-Click on proceed <br>-now enter the name of the bet. This could be a horse or even a snooker match or a game of basket ball.<br>-TAB across and click on the odds for that bet from the selector below.<br>-Repeat for each bet<br>-Click on resolve.

    The screen will now advise you of the size of the stake required to get the profit you require or the amount you can get from your stake. (If the advisory gives a cross then the bet will not work or is very risky).

    As long as you can be sure that one of your bets will win you cannot fail!! This could be used in conjunction with your own staking plan.

    Here it is:

    Please folks, I am putting this up for you to play with for FREE. All I ask is you give me some feedback. Do you like it? Does it work? How much would you pay for it? How could it be improved? All comments are very welcome, good or bad.

    Have Fun!!:o

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    Hi Mr angus and welcome to TRF.

    A dutching calculator is a very useful little tool but I’m afraid someone has beaten you to it. I downloaded mine free from a site I think called Raceman’s Web or something like that.

    Perhaps as you say if you can produce it as a complete package with a computer betting system, you may get some takers.

    Just a small layout criticism 11/10 is nowhere near evens on your table of prices nor is 15/8 any closer to 2/1, 3/1 – 11/4. It means you are hunting around for prices. Surely if they were tabulated in ascending or descending order it would be easier to use?

    Good luck with your business venture Mr a.

    dave jay
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    Hi Mr Angus .. snowman has beaten me to it there, there is a calculator for doing this already available on the web.

    A point I would like to make on Dutching in general though; when prices are coupled like this the overall pay-out odds are very rarely greater than 2/1. In my experience you will tend to be always betting at evens or less, putting together combinations of Favourites, second favourites and third favourites, which is what you will need to do to get a decent strike rate. Dutching with a staking plan can be very, very expensive and not for the faint-hearted, four losing bets @ 1/2 can leave you with mountains to climb.

    The bigger package sounds good and good luck with it.

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    Commercially speaking I think that your dutching idea, although very sound, has been done before (as stated above) – so you need an edge, something to give you ‘1 degree of separation’…

    I think that you have picked a good time to launch this kind of tool because there has never been a better time for the punter than now, layers margins are tighter than ever

    if you want to make this a success you need to capture peoples imagination – why dont you use your dutching tool in combimation with a defined system and a betting exchange and post some real worked examples…

    I have never been a fan of each-way/dutching or any other kind of hedge bet because (as I say repeatedly) hedging is more to do with the psychology of losing than the mechanics of winning

    however if you can post some real examples on this thread and persuade cynics like myself – then you will be on to something!

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