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    Does anyone know why there is only one afternoon meeting tomorrow. Truly bizarre

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    Ayr has been cancelled due to a storm causing structural damage.

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    Ayr abandoned waterlogged – Although you wouldn’t know if you looked at the Racing Post, as usual they presume everyone already knows, so make no reference to an abandoned meeting. Same applies to the paper, although if you do search around you sometimes find a line or two mentioning it.
    Along with the excessive cost no wonder the circulation is in terminal decline.

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    I wondered this too. I was meant to be trading Ayr tomorrow and was confused to see the card showing broken on the RP website with no icon or explanation or story or anything showing the meeting had been abandoned. I eventually got the answer from Twitter! Not the industry’s supposedly leading news service.

    I agree with yeats. They’re a total embarrassment and this is yet another sign of the Racing Post’s decline. There has been a torrent of self-destructive stuff from them recently. While I agree with getting rid of the deadwood on the staff as they have in the last few years, they’ve surely gone too far the other way now and so much inexperience makes them look lightweight. Barely a day goes by in the early days of Tom Kerr’s spell as editor without a PR disaster for the paper:

    A glowing profile of Sheikh Mohammed just days after the news broke about Princess Haya and their daughter, a junior journalist tricking Ger Lyons and turning private comments into a front-page story (yesterday), THAT extremely worrying article by Steve Palmer, an utterly dismal 24 months of tipping (I have the LSP figures) from all regular racing tipsters bar Paul Kealy and Ron Wood…

    Not to mention Kerr’s editorial bias w/r/t the whip, the diminished daily reporting section, the rookie race analysis prone to guesswork about pace/sectionals, the creaking website, the price of the print edition creeping ever upwards, Bruce Milington’s antagonistic Twitter persona…

    I could go on!

    To be honest, if the betting industry come up with their own news/cards service (which can’t be far away) to go in the shops and data feeds online, would the RP really be viable? I have Members Club Ultimate (on the firm) but, with Timeform and the ever-improving AtTheRaces website, I wouldn’t miss it one bit.

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    A creaking website that you wouldn’t miss, LS, and Ultimate is going up to £349! I will be downgrading to Essential.

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