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Mind changing.

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    How do punters here cope with the temptation to change one’s mind?

    I made a very foolish mistake with Midnight Chase the other week. Knew it was going to win from studying the Weekender on Thus night but let that the bloke who talks with his eyes shut on C4 Racing put me off because he made some comment about speed (I never consider speed in my selections (and I still make a profit).

    Last Saturday I’d decided Tara Royal was my bet of the day at Muss. I went in a bookies in Borough High St and wavered when I saw McCain’s somewhat circumspect comment in the RPost. I decided I would not yield. Was glad I held on.

    Interesting thing was: McCain said ‘it’s competitive’, but at the end of the race it was a bunch of horses four lengths behind, scrabbling for place money.

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