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Man hugging if your both male.

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    lollys mate
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    Now I for one hate anything to do with male poofs. (lesbainians are alright for a while). But I dont see anything wrong with two blokes, who, lets say have had a good days racing followed by a couple of pints and a bit of old fashioned p1ss taking, saying goodbye and giving each other a hug.

    It happened within my group of pals on Friday. Had breakfast at The Seven Balls, onto Haste Hill for 18 of your lovely holes of golf, back to The "7" for a buffet, first pint of his finest Green King I.P.A. free and then many more to follow. At approximatly 1am’ish, I said goodbuy to the chaps who were left, and was greeted by many "man hugs". No tounges, just  hugs.

    Male bonding ? or am I a bit gayish ?

    Your thoughts please.

    non vintage
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    Nothing wrong with man hugging, or with not man hugging for that matter.

    Plenty wrong with someone saying "I for one hate anything to do with male poofs…" on a chat room and thinking it’s either fair comment or "a bit of a laugh".


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    I think this is an important question.

    My own sexuality is hanging on by a thread and witnessing any behaviour which involves non-violent male body contact is a threat to me.

    Just last week I was subjected to TV images of two males (Rishi Persad and Olivier Peslier) exchanging kisses and I felt myself beginning to turn.

    I’ve written to the DG of the BBC about this, but in these days of political correctness and so-called "tolerance", I doubt that he’ll see reason.  


    dave jay
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    Hey .. !! Did anyone see that film last night .. ‘Up-hill gardeners say NO ?’

    lollys mate
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    Nice frock’s Non Vintage. We now know what side of the fence you sit on. Or, sorry, you might find it painfull to, er, sit right now. Sorry.:o

    Ian. i cant answer you’ur post because i dont no wot verboten is. But I get your jist. Or is it gist ?


    Sorry to say, but I do find it wrong that a man wants to take it up the wrong-un by another man. Call me old fashioned, but thats my opinion. I dont like the thought of it. Sorry.

    As per normal, nobody has taken me serious.


    dave jay
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    Seriously, definitely wrong unless you live in Harrow.

    In Harrow you can get a grant from the Council if you grow a village people moustache, they give you cash towards the cost of maintaining of it. I know a bloke who’s got one but he’s not gay. And yet I know another bloke who hasn’t got one and he is gay .. not literally, he’s as miserable as everyone else but he lives with another bloke. The other bloke is a right blue-nose, he’s from Kilwinning .. which should explain all to everyone who knows it.

    So, LM .. did you see that film the other night .. ??

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    The only time a man should hug another man is in times of bereaved grief, or racing/football related extacy (cant spell xtc).

    The scenes down the pub when Motivator romped home were a million miles away from homo anything, and yet the hugs were free flowing.<br>Same occurs when Ireland score v important goal. I was going to add Villa in to that. But I would have  no one to hug if Villa did ever score an important goal.

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    xtc – now there WAS a band and a half.

    lollys mate
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    Generals and majors Ehh cormack.

    Bet they were straight.

    Mr Jay.

    Sorry, but I missed that one. Was it about poofs?<br> By the way. The bloke you mention is a good friend of mine, and is definatly not a shirt liffter. (He just helps them out when there busy).

    Thought Non’S reply was a bit NON.

    Learnt something today thanks to HRH Davis.

    Verbotem, its German. means Forbidden. cheers mate.;)

    lollys mate
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    Its lollys mate !

    And good for you.

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    Am I the only one amused by Lolly’s Mate on a regular basis, while not necessarily sharing his world view on "shirtlifting" (isn’t the plural pooves? It sounds so right, to misquote Happy Days, that it can’t be wrong).

    Here’s a conundrum ~ shouldn’t we treat gay people, straight people who find gay people intolerable, and straight people who find other straight people who find gay people intolerable intolerable, the same? I think we should. It seems straightforward, or gayforward, or possibly even bi-curiousforward.

    Hug, anyone?

    Lovely Lady
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    Never ceases to amaze me the number of people who enjoy voicing their opinions on gay culture, gay sex, what they  do or do not do, and what they think of it, when they have no experience of it, and do not desire any.   If it doesn’t affect you personally,  why can you not just let them get on with it, their way  ?

    Lolly’s Mate

    As you seem to be somewhat old fashioned, I take it you are well versed in what used to be called the ‘poor man’s contraceptive’ ?<br>

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    Was actually watching a programme recently regarding sexuality in the 21st century etc.

    One of the segments was on homophobic men and straight men who were pretty much indifferent to the sexuallity of their fellow men.

    A Scientist chap was testing these homophobic men by hooking up their bits to a machine to test their reaction to watching a gay prono. The results were hardly surprising. Without exception the homophobic men all got hard on’s while watching the porn. The straight men who did not mind gay men did not have the same reaction.

    When questioned afterwards if they had any reaction to the porn , remember they had been hooked up to the machine which tested for "movement", all the homophobic men said "NO".

    Stupid and Judgemental. Thats a combination of personality traits thats gota be a success.

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    This isn’t surprising.

    A few years ago, I was working with a fundamentalist muslim who believed that homosexuals should be buried alive.

    I expressed the view that "what consenting adults choose to get up to behind closed doors is none of my business" and he said: "but, when you think of what they do to each other….".

    And I realised something.

    Gay-haters have gay sex fantasies.

    This guy did think of what gay guys did together. He made pictures in his head of homosexual sex acts.

    These pictures weren’t real, they were in his head, so they were fantasies. They were of gay sex, so they were gay sex fantasies.

    Now, I didn’t ever think of what guy guys did together.

    I had plenty of sex fantasies, but they’d involve me and Emmanuelle Beart or me and Kylie. Occasionally, they’d involve Emmanuelle and Kylie, but that was as gay as they got.

    Now, I’m no psychologist, but I do sometimes wonder why supposedly "100% straight" men are fanstasising about man-on-man action.


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