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    — Posted by Daylight on 10:52 am on Aug. 31, 2002 <br>I’ll go first, you always give us a great mention on ATR to ‘The Racing Forum’ when Amelia runs (for which we are always grateful) but you seem to speak of this site fondly I think so I’d love to know if you are a regular vistor here or if it’s through a friend you know about us?

    I’m a regular visitor to the racing forum and was told about the forum by one of the producers at  Attheraces.<br>I enjoy reading the views of people but must admit I rarely if ever add anything myself.<br>As far as Amelia is concerned I like to mention smaller owners or yards horses on both Atr and Radio Five live. I get bored talking about all the top stables and jockeys.<br>Good luck with her for the future if your really struggling I’ll consider taking out my licence again! Perhaps not.

    <br>— Posted by Sal on 12:48 pm on Aug. 31, 2002 Hi Luke, <br>Is is true that you only have half a collarbone? And have you thought of having a website to compete with Carl Llewellyn’s?

    During my time riding I did have a lot of trouble with my collar bones. I broke my right one seven times and my left six.  My left got so bad that I had it removed and since have had no trouble at all. (not good if I ever want to wear a strapless dress)<br>I have visited Carl’s website and found it brilliant. The same man who constructed it  is constructing my pub website.

    <br>— Posted by daiesy on 1:47 pm on Aug. 31, 2002 <br>Hey Luke!! Do ya still love me? LOL.

    good question for ya, do i get free drinks? <br>Oh and do you want pictures of the Jockeys Gymkhana (Culloty wearing a bra etc :) ) coz i’ve got some good ones.

    See you this week probably, luv daiesy ;)

    Oh Luke is a regular visitor i believe, he’s figured out who i am! but maybe i should let him answer that one!

    DL you forgot to say that Luke has a pub which opens soon, in the same viallage as (me and) AP McCoy and Seamus Durack. Thank god its not in Lambourn!

    Thanks for your questions daisey but the answer is no to the free drinks (you drink far too much  with out getting free ones) but of course yes to the photographs. For anyone visiting my pub I’ve got this fabulous picture of Tony McCoy with his breaches around his ankles and talking on the mobile. The caption underneath say’s ‘so where is she ?’

    <br>— Posted by michael on 6:41 pm on Aug. 31, 2002 <br>Hi Luke Thanks for taking our questions. <br>One of your co presenters once said that you never have a bet. Is that true.

    I must be one of the few racing presenters that doesn’t actually bet.  I suppose that will surprise some people (but not the ones who listen to my tips) but I just enjoy watching horses race. <br>I like watching different jockeys styles and trying to identify horse to follow in the future.

    <br>— Posted by Meshaheer on 8:06 pm on Aug. 31, 2002 <br>Hi Luke,

    Just the usual ones from me. Who are your favourite trainers and jockeys at the moment? (N.H and Flat)


    My favourite jockeys and trainers are ones that try. I like people who make an effort. I’ve no time for jockeys who lye in bed and don’t ride out or trainers who just moan about not getting enough horses. Rightly or wrongly I believe you make your own luck.<br>Tony McCoy, Warren Marston, Carl Llewellyn, Martin Dwyer, Steve Drowne on the jockey front while trainers I admire are Martin pipe, Phillip Hobbs, Ian Wood, Heather Dalton and Sir Michael Stoute.

    <br>— Posted by malcolm on 8:42 pm on Aug. 31, 2002 <br>hi luke <br>have you ever in your career been done by the none triers rule and what do you think about jockeys that drop there hands and get beat what do you think the punishment should be ?

    I can’t believe I’ve got away for so long without someone asking me this. Unfortunately the answer is yes.<br>Stupidly and for no gain to myself (other than to please the trainer and owner) I was banned for seven days at Fontwell.<br>Jockeys rarely ‘stop’ horses off their own back. They ride to orders!<br>Punishments for jockeys who drop their hands are harsh but appropriate. Tony Culhane was wrong and deserved his ban but I must admit he won a lot of friends by the mature way he handled the situation.

    <br>— Posted by Wingandaprayer on 8:43 pm on Aug. 31, 2002 <br>Luke,

    a couple of questions if I may.

    Does Attheraces loose profile due to being available only on satellite/cable/internet.

    Well Luke….do you still love Daiesy and will you take her out(she is driving us mad):biggrin:


    As a product I believe that Attheraces is a fantastic innovation. There have been teething problems but considering the size and length of the programme I think it runs remarkably smoothly and is improving daily. The feed back from racegoers has been unbelievable.<br>As far as loosing profile only being on Satellite I don’t think so , a lot of people say they watch Attheraces in preference to terrestrial television. (especially when Emma and Alice are on)<br>Daiesy has far too many boyfriends already without adding me to the list.

    <br>— Posted by phunter on 10:29 pm on Aug. 31, 2002 <br>I remember seeing you a few years back in a documentary following you around for a while and seem to remember pubs featured strongly is that why you decided to open your new pub so you would stop having to buy a round …or is the rumour true that you never did by a round…thanks for taking the time out to answer such serious questions as this.

    The channel four documentary on Carl Llewellyn, Richard Guest and myself was filmed over ten years ago but it s amazing how many people still talk about it. Especially the dog getting out of my bed.<br>For every fifteen minutes filmed they only showed one so as you can imagine there was some colourful stuff left on the editors floor. They filmed us watching a video of the Grand National drinking tins of strong lager. As the evening progressed we all got terribly drunk and slagged off all the trainers we were riding for. Thankfully they left that bit out.<br>I love socialising and do spend a lot of tjme in pubs so that probably did have something to do with getting my own.

    <br>— Posted by robert99 on 10:53 pm on Aug. 31, 2002 <br>Luke,

    Have you any insights to share on succesful race riding tactics, effect of pace in a race and what to look out for in a jockey who presents horses well at fences? What I am getting at is pointers to better understand the finer points of race reading.<br> <br>Regards, <br>Robert

    Race reading is an art that few (although they wouldn’t like to admit it) ever perfect.<br>Watching different jockeys styles can help. Richard Hughes often looks like he’s not trying very hard but thats his style while Gary Bardwell looks like he’s trying too hard.<br>Go for un-complicated jockeys. Jockeys who sit third or fourth in a race and take it up at the two furlong pole. You’ll get far richer following these types (kevin Darley, Tony McCoy, Richard Johnson, Martin Dwyer) than the flash harry’s.

    <br>– Posted by snaffles83 on 3:10 pm on Sep. 1, 2002 <br>My usual question too:

    If you could change one thing in racing, what would it be?

    Cheers me dears!


    I’d like more women in racing, More lady jockeys more lady stewards and more lady trainers. <br>Just more ladies please.

    <br>— Posted by ZZASS on 4:02 pm on Sep. 1, 2002 <br>Hi Luke

    Thankyou for doing this 1st of all now here is the stinker of a question

    I look after the "bizmark " section of the forum and the channel you work for is all for putting up + / – from the exchanges all the time. SO do you think the betting exchanges are a good / bad for the racing game as they can be great way to see if any horse is any good in a maiden BUT saying that people in the know could make a killing from them by laying / betting there horses ?

    See a nice easy one :) <br>Zzass

    The betting exchanges are fabulous. I find it much easier to find a favourite to get beaten than a horse to win.<br>In an interview I did with Tony McCoy he said I ride three or four favourites a day and at least three have no right to be favourite.<br>There must be a lesson there somewhere.

    <br>— Posted by Hannahs Dad on 6:54 pm on Sep. 1, 2002 <br>Hi Luke <br>When will atr be on ntl, its driving me mad watching the SA racing on the racing channel!

    Apparently they are hoping atr will be coming to ntl viewers very soon it must be frustrating watching that foreign stuff. Still at least you’ve go Alex Hammond.

    <br>— Posted by Seagull on 7:52 pm on Sep. 1, 2002 <br>Lukey, <br>Is it true you have a book coming out soon called ‘My race riding advice made A.P. Mc Coy the champion he his today’? <br>This follows your other best seller.’Why I should have been Number One jockey to Martin Pipe!’

    best of luck with the pub Luke called in today on the way back from Greatwood still like the Hare and Hounds though.

    What on earth do you mean like the hare and hounds. There is not a single person in my pub with their collar turned up, pink trousers and  brown suede shoes.<br>No plans for a book. Although I have been asked to appear in a blue movie.

    <br>Posted by Ihaventalight on 10:34 am on Sep. 2, 2002

    Hi Luke: In your racing career have you ever been asked to pull a horse and which of you or Fergus Sweeney drinks the most?<br> <br>Fergus has moved from radio five and now works in dublin. Texted him the other day and he’s having a great time. <br>Went to Punchestown with him last year and had a great craic we were guests of paddy power and abused their hospitality. I drink more than him but he gets more drunk. He’s one in a million. – even though he looks like the milky bar kid.<br>Stopped loads of horses when I was riding although I didn’t mean too.

    <br>— Posted by Pocket Rocket on 12:53 pm on Sep. 2, 2002 <br>Hi Luke, Richard Phillips always seems to have a funny anecdote to tell about you when he writes in Horse and Hound, but what is your funniest moment or story in racing? <br>Cheers, hope the Blowing Stone venture goes well. <br>Your no 1 fan, (after Daiesy, I suspect) <br>Ruth

    Had so many funny times Ruth can’t really think of one in particular. I never take life too seriously as you may have gathered.<br>I hate people who take racing too seriously its a sport to be enjoyed.<br>If Richard Phillips hears of a funny story but doesn’t want to offend the people involved he puts my name to the story instead because he knows I don’t give a damn.

    <br>— Posted by paul101 on 7:50 pm on Sep. 2, 2002 <br>Hi Luke, I noticed you were getting a little warm around the collar when you got a quick interview at Sandown with Miranda from Emerdale Farm, so was that really a spare microphone in your pocket? or were you just pleased to see her? I am sure the guys back at the studio were calling you for getting all the good jobs!or and by the way, I almost forgot to ask you, whats your opinion on the use of the whip saga.

    cheers Luke, <br>Paul.

    Quite embarrassing really especially when she asked me for my mobile number and autograph.<br>The whip saga is simple. Jockeys styles have improved ten fold over the last few years and the tightening up of the rules were necessary. But enough is enough. There is very little whip abuse now and the rules should not be changed.

    <br>— Posted by Red Devil on 10:44 pm on Sep. 2, 2002 <br>Luke, <br>Whenever you retired from the saddle, did it ever enter your mind to move into the training ranks. Also can you tell me what your last winner was.

    Many thanks, <br>Red Devil.

    For the last few years of my career as a jockey I was always gearing myself for a job in the media. Its easier and more financially rewarding than training.<br>Apart from not having enough money to train I couldn’t stand working from dawn to dusk for less money than the stable lads that work for you.<br>Having said that I had quite a bit to do with the training of a horse called Ruhbahunish (spelt wrong) and loved it.

    <br>— Posted by Tete Rouge on 10:05 am on Sep. 3, 2002 <br>Luke,

    Do you miss race riding – or do you enjoy being a TV presenter/pub landlord just as much?

    I loved my time as a jockey and genuinely wouldn’t have changed anything. I rode some good horses rode for some lovely trainers and loved the banter in the weighing room.<br>But I felt I achieved everything I was going to as a jockey and enjoy my newish job.<br>There hasn’t been a single day I’ve missed riding. Infact I haven’t sat on a horse for about 8 months – which is a bit worrying as I’m riding in a charity race at Hereford on September 11th!

    <br>— Posted by Tony25 on 5:49 pm on Sep. 3, 2002 <br>Luke,

    Who do you consider to be the best rider of Novice chasers (must be currently riding)?


    The standard of jockeyship has improved dramatically, more so in my view than the trainers in the last few years.<br>For example the fifteenth best jockey riding today is ten times better than the fifteenth best of ten years ago, while the fifteenth best trainer is probably no better. <br>For a novice chaser you need a brave young jockey. I think Leighton Aspell will do very well this season.

    <br>— Posted by oldrope on 7:02 pm on Sep. 3, 2002 <br>Peking Dynasty or The Elaichi ?

    Prefer the Peking. Went in there the other day and Wayne the waiter gave me a free bottle of wine.<br>Apparently someone had been looking in the Elaichi guest book and I’d written ‘food was good but not as nice as the Peking’<br>Who are you oldrope?

    <br>— Posted by daiesy on 9:49 am on Sep. 4, 2002 <br>Luke dont like me, I’m sure its claire ;)

    Hey Luke did Jess tell you that you are favourite to be the first in the pond on the opening night? Oops, maybe that shud be Sean Curran or McCoy! Who do you think is fave? (Better not be me tho!)

    Oh and that pic of AP, did you get that off of Gee? Its a good one!

    See ya when i see ya <br>pmsl <br>the real [mccoy] daiesy


    oh and how do you pour a pint? <br>a) the right way <br>b) the "gay" way (as Jess puts it!)

    sorry had to ask that one, but thats what she said, not me!

    My style pulling pints I must admit is not the best (bit like the riding really) and as far as diving into the pond. No chance.

    <br>— Posted by Grey Desire on 9:51 am on Sep. 4, 2002 <br>Luke,

    We all know about your great ride on Too Plush at Wincanton (perhaps AP was feeling sorry for you and let you have a winner), but did it every work the other way. <br>Did you ever have a certain victory taken away due to ill luck?

    Brings back great memories what a day that was. But funny enough I rode Plushy at Kempton and he was going to win when we met the last fence all wrong and fell leaving Lorcan Wyer to win.<br>Its always a jockeys dilemma when your going to win, do you go for the big jump at the last or loose ground and go for the safer ‘shorty’. I chose wrong on that occasion.

    <br>— Posted by An Capall on 1:00 pm on Sep. 4, 2002 <br>Luke, three questions.

    Do you think Mr Bush’s strategy on Iraq is unesscessarily agressive and that any isolationist attack would undermine both the alliance with Europe and the general stability of the Middle East, leading paradoxically, to a greater terrorist threat to the U.S. ?

    Secondly, to you feel that the continued reluctance of the UK to enter the single currency is a flawed macro economic policy and will ultimately lead to higher interest rates and subsequent unemployment.

    Thirdly, is there one horse you would recommend at tasty ante post odds for the Cheltenham festival next year.?

    Thanks<br>An Capall

    An, you’ve got me on the back foot with such an intellectual question (pity you spelt  <br>unnecessarily and aggressive wrong)<br>Don’t know why im going on about spelling – I’m as thick as a plank thats why I was a jockey. <br>The festival is a long way off and the best thing I can say is  keep a close eye on the pipe horses. He always lays one out for the imperial cup – county hurdle double.<br>Polar Red who doesn’t get two and half miles was running over the wrong trip and at lowly tracks but they knew he was very good. Even if he did get beaten at Cheltenham.

    <br>— Posted by rory on 1:27 pm on Sep. 4, 2002 <br>Luke,

    Grey Desire mentioned your remarkable win on Too Plush at Wincanton, I have a couple of questions stemming from that:

    I’m not sure too many of us actually saw the race in question – can you tell us what happened from your viewpoint?

    We’ve had various discussions on the Forum about loyalty, whether that means backing old favourites out of loyalty, or jockeys being retained for years by the same stable; the owner of Too Plush (Mrs Williams) was very loyal to you throughout your career, with horses like Tree Creeper and the classy Country Member among the horses you rode. How important is that kind of loyalty to a jockey without a big stable behind him?

    Finally, I had fifty quid on Five To Seven that day; given how jammy you were, is there any chance of a refund?

    The wincanton race was remarkable. Four runners and one fell on the first circuit.<br>Too Plush started to weaken in the final mile ( he actually broke a blood vessel) and the remaining two were 25 lengths clear of me. Going to the second last the loose horse galloped across the  fence bring them both down. Leaving me in splendid isolation. I howled with laughter.<br>Loyalty means everything to me in racing but is sadly a thing of the past. Mrs Williams and Andy Turnell are the nicest people you could ever meet.<br>As far as your bet Rory. Not a prayer.

    <br>— Posted by Zoz on 7:51 pm on Sep. 4, 2002 <br>Hi Luke, thanks for your time – didn’t realise you were a regular on the board!

    Anyway, here goes….after your experience in racing, is there any meeting, social spot, racecourse, stalbe open day, whatever in racing that you would recommend above all others for racing fans and social racers alike?

    Got to take the non-racing friends somewhere!

    Cheers <br>Zoz

    The Lambourn and Malton open days are fantastic value but any stable tour is interesting. I love nosing around trainers stables.<br>Take your friends to a race meeting and do something different. Never understand why people don’t walk down to the second last fence or out into the country you’ll see and hear things that will make your hair curl!

    <br>— Posted by Spook on 12:10 am on Sep. 5, 2002 <br>Hi Luke! <br>Thanks for doing this! Did you always have in mind to become a presenter when you gave up riding, and what do you most enjoy about it?

    And is the old story about your new car, Carl Llewellyn and the girl with the keys true? (not as dodgy as it sounds, guys!) I met Carl on Tuesday night but never got a chance to ask him………

    Thanks, Spook

    The story about carl and I in my brand new XR3I is true. He never paid for the scratches (no surprise there, he’s the meanest man in racing)<br>I can honestly say I love my job. There aren’t many people lucky enough to be paid for doing their hobby.

    <br>— Posted by Ardross on 5:01 pm on Sep. 6, 2002 <br>Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions .

    1- Which was the best horse you rode during your career – I assume Katabatic ?

    2- Were you disappointed not to be part of the original 12 faces on atthe races and how soon afterwards did you get the call . How does it compare with the racing Channel which looks terribly amateur now

    3- Do you have ambitions to work on terrestrial TV

    I was lucky enough to ride some good horses but your right when the ‘Kat’ was on form he was an awesome machine.<br>Taberna Lord gave me a festival win so he was popular also Cool Ground, One more Knight and country member were great friends.<br>I wasn’t too disappointed not to be apart of the original 12 because I worked all the way up until I started with atr for the Racing Channel.<br>I got the call about a week before the new channel started and went for an interview and thankfully got the job.<br>The new channel is much more professional and I enjoy working for them. There seems to be a nice atmosphere. <br>What ever happens  though I’ll never forget the racing channel they gave me my big break and I will be eternally greatful.<br>Obviously I’d love to progress to terrestrial tv and even perhaps move onto broadcasting in other sports or even male modelling ?<br>I feel very privileged  to be working in job I enjoy.

    Tete Rouge
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    Wow!  That was quick!

    Many thanks to Luke for taking the time.

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    I was thinking the same Tete Rouge. Very speedy reply! Thanks very much to TRF for organising it and for Luke doing it.

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    Certainly quicker than Dance In The Day……

    thanks Luke.

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    Cheers for the answer’s LUKE and well done for getting back to us soooooooo quick with them :clap: as there are some cracking replys :)

    <br>Zzass :wave:

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    Thanks Luke.  Re "Who are you oldrope? " <br>I was once a very wealthy business man but then in 1993 I took a small share in a horse called Mac’s Leap.  His first race when I had a share in him was at Stratford – I thought 6th of 11 beaten 35 lengths was crap but when the jockey got off him he assured me that he would win a race.  So I continued to pour money into him until I was broke.  Through considerable hard work I built my fortune up again.  However, thinking I knew a good thing when I saw one, I remortgaged and gambled everything on Country Member in the 1995 Grand National.  I am now destitute and earn a meagre living by rattling a tin somewhere between The Hatchet and Coral’s bookies in Wantage and also filling peanut machines in pubs in some of the surrounding villages.<br>

    (Edited by oldrope at 10:07 pm on Sep. 7, 2002)

    non vintage
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    Excellent question and answer session – I haven’t laughed so much in weeks! Thanks to Luke!

    (Edited by non vintage at 6:46 pm on Sep. 7, 2002)

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    Christ that was fast…fantastic replies, thanks a million

    I am so going to that pub with my new car one day, I’ll bring Zome and your profits will go sky high.

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    Excellent answers Luke great to see how quick replies were.

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    Cheers Luke, loved the reply to An Capall’s question, and Oldrope I know the feeling.


    Red Devil
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    Thanks Luke for answering the questions so quickly and informatively. Also thanks to TRF. Hope more question and answer sessions can be set up with other personalities in the future.

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    Thanks to both Luke and Daylight for taking the time to answer our questions.

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    That was an thouroughly enjoyable read . <br>My thanks go out to Daylight and Luke.

    Chompy Draw Boy
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    Well done with replying quickly. On that basis, one would wonder how come you work for Attheraces?

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    Very frank and funny answers my opinion of the guy has gone up several notches

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