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    I know The Krypton Factor has mentioned this in retirements but I feel I have to comment further.

    To put not to fine a point on it this man pretty much made my interest in horse racing. I used to have the odd bet but was never avidly interested until I discovered this wonderful trainer.
    I could list time and time again horses that have done me favours and horses that have let me down but I won’t bore you all with it.
    Luca Cumani has had some wonderful horses that have been nurtured with patience, understanding and finesse that IMO can only be compared with the likes of Michael Stoute and Henry Cecil. He probably initially became well known for setting horses up for races like the Extel at Goodwood which succeeded on several occasions Free Guest Fish n Chips and Chinoiserie which all I think ended up black type winners!!
    Back in the day when Glorious Goodwood was on I used to be on tour in Kent playing cricket and I don’t think I bought a drink for three years because of those aforementioned three!! Ah such memories.
    He had two Derby winners and numerous other Group winners which were all pretty memorable to me and he reared the incomparable Frankie as well!!
    Like I say i could go on and on about great winners of his but I did say I wouldn’t bore you all with that.
    He suffered setback after setback too!! Losing all the Aga Khans horses after the Oaks drug fiasco! Sheikh Mo took all of his away too and then Sheikh Mohammed Obaida took his away too!! three big blows but the man soldiered on with horses that for the most part were below the quality of horse he had been used to dealing with and never as far as I know moaned about it or slagged them off!! He dealt with it with dignity.
    I remember visiting the yard on a Newmarket open day one year and seeing all the beautiful horses and speaking to staff who were all very friendly and helpful and even having a chat with a young Jason Weaver who was there at the time and it was and still is one of my most memorable days.
    I remember horse like Barathea, Mark Of Distinction and Gossamer winning group races and always looking fantastic and well presented. I may view all of this through rose called specs but I offer no apology for loving horse racing because of this man!! And it isn’t my pocket talking because if it was I should hate him because the biggest bet I have ever had was on Arzanni in the Gold Cup at Ascot and it got beat by a 25/1 !!
    But it matters not really because my fires were fuelled by this man and I hold him the utmost respect and esteem and will always do so!!
    Even one of my dogs is called Luca !!
    Thank you very much Mr Luca Matteo Cumani for endless pleasurable days racing and I hoep you enjoy running Fittocks Stud and breed some more class animals like Milan :good: :good:

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    Never mind his training abilities; it will be as a sire I remember him for. :rose: :heart:

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    Great post raymo – I couldn’t agree more.
    One of a dwindling band of gentlemen trainers.
    He rolled with the punches over the unfortunate loss of so many prominent owners.
    He could certainly prepare a horse for a punt as well as training top class animals.
    In the old days , before I realised his horses always improved massively for a run , a stable lad friend told me that a horse called Canadian Crown was highly thought of. Blindly , I bet more on him than I could really afford at the time, only to see him get beaten.
    I think that he won 4 or 5 on the bounce after that. :-(
    I wish him every success with Fittocks Stud , and the training profession is worse for his retirement.

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    Really sorry to see him retiring at this relatively lowly level of the game ….he was a trainer that could stand toe to toe with those of a golden era with the likes of Gosden,Stoute,Cecil,Hern,Dunlop,Harwood,Hills and he deserved to quit at the top after a glorious season after a handover season of success with his son not being able to resist the lure of coming back to the UK to take over a mega thriving stable…..just goes to show that ,you can’t do anything without the raw materials.

    The high profile withdrawal by high profile owners of horses at crucial periods of his career have tarnished and ultimately hastened the end of his career.Curious and not what his record deserved.

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