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    Simon Claisse, the clerk of the course at Cheltenham, said they would hold further talks with engineers.

    Claisse said in October that putting up a screen was almost certainly impractical because it would need to be 65 metres tall, which is one-and-a-half times the height of the grandstand.

    <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< … eId=139325

    <br>these folk seem to have some answers:  how about a blimp or two, strategically-tethered to cast long shadows, or  a helicopter raising a screen?

    <br>best regards


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    Fortunately, help is at hand…


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    Just get some oldtimer jockeys back instead of the modern health & safefty generation we have now.

    wizard o odds
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    A certain J Francome says that since they demolished the old tote building things have gone pear shaped<br>Spoilt the afternoon for me travelled from doncaster got good vantage point only to be told all 4 fences in home straight would be omitted thanks mr gillespe<br>Never had this problem in the past maybe another tote building wouldnt go a miss after all. <br>For the mecca of jump racing things like this should be sorted <br>just a good job festival isnt run in january:biggrin:

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    Francome is talking absolute rubbish in saying this.  If you look at old photographs of Cheltenham it’s clear the building was not high enough.  Even the old grandstand that faced directly down the track did not cast a shadow to shield the fences.

    This low sun hazard is a modern creation by jockeys.

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