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    Ken(West Derby)
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    Happy wrote:The horses HAVE been vetted but nothing has shown up .

    This is understandable, Happy. Apparently the true reason is being kept under wraps for fear of the problem spreading to other regions and resulting in a complete shutdown of racing in the U.K.
    It stems from one particular animal in Tom Dascombe’s yard. Seemingly, he was recalling the days when he used to get a bit of a break during the winter months but since the introduction of all year round racing he thinks it’s very unfair that he no longer gets a proper holiday. Having got on his high horse over this he decided to call a meeting of his colleagues and they agreed to form a trade union. Unfortunately despite ACAS mediating there has been a complete breakdown in communication between the trainers association and ARSE (Association for Racehorses Stallions and Equines). ARSE are currently ‘working to rule’ which explains why their efforts on the racecourse are short-lived. You might have noticed, Happy, that when the horses are milling around at the start there always seems to be one in particular, probably the shop steward, who appears to be issuing instructing to his members. This is a grass roots problem that will not go away, Happy. We need the Goverment to intervene before we start to have wild-horse strikes. Then we would be in trouble if trainers began bussing-in horses from abroad. Let’s just hope that common sense prevails.

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    Excellent answer by Ken!

    Seriously, Happy, I would imagine the best thing is for the trainer to shut his yard down and just keep them ticking over rather than doing any sort of work that will put them under pressure. There are loads of different viruses around which will linger as each horse succumbs to it. Quite often it isn’t spotted if the trainer doesn’t blood test regularly until tlhe secondary bacterial infection sets in which appears as snotty nose, coughing etc. Young racehorses are like school children in that they pick up every bug going until their immunity gets stronger. You really are better letting these things run their course. Some trainers imo go overboard and dose their horses up with antibiotics when they arrive as yearlings thinking it will give them protection long term – total codswallop and a waste of money!

    There is an outside chance that the water may be affected by nitrates (what I suffered from for 4 years!) but its unlikely in Lambourn. However, if you go down to the yard get a sample from the yard tap and test it using a nitrate kit you get for fish. If its dark orange/red – you know theres a problem. Often water supplies get switched from one to another and with alot of arable farming around, nitrates can leak into the water supply as in Blewbury. Nitrates stop the oxygen being taken by haemogloblin in the red blood cells to the muscles so when push comes to shove in a race, your horse finds nothing even though it looks well and nothing shows up in blood tests.

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    Jim Old is probably your man for a full explanantion.

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    Jim Old is probably your man for a full explanantion.


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    Isn’t a low grade virus what some of the naysayers on internet fora believe has enveloped the racing programme? 8)


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