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Lay England to qualify??

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    England’s Group:

    Group E <br>ENGLAND<br>Croatia<br>Russia<br>Israel<br>Estonia<br>Macedonia<br>Andorra

    Looks dodgy to me. Israel, Russia and Croatia are useful teams. <br>Any Thoughts?

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    Funny watching Sven being interviwed by Sky Sports after the draw …….. ehhh he’s not going to be manager during the campaign. Looked a little uncomfortable to be honest

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    Don’t know about Israel being that good Ken. Ireland should have beaten them both home and away but for defensive lapses. Reckon England got a fairly handy group and should fill one of the top two places easily enough. Be interesting to see who the new manager will be as that will dictate tactics etc. Can’t see them being as inept as Sven.

    Andrew Hughes
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    If England insist on appointing an English manager, regardless of ability and go for Sam Allardyce, Stuart Pearce, Curbishley or McClaren, we will not qualify for Euro 2008.

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    <br>England should be strong, strong favourites. Croatia deserve respect, although I don’t think they have the squad depth to match England. If they qualify from their awkward group in the World Cup, then they’ll look even tougher.

    The issue with Russia is travelling. They still look rubbish at it – it’s not hard, surely? In Moscow, though, they are pretty tough I think. Israel were unbeaten in their WC Qualifying group if memory serves. Or lost once to France. England should take four points from them.

    Andorra, Estonia and Macedonia are teams England ought to beat everytimes. Maybe they’ll drop two points in those games.

    Of course, if Big/Fat Sam is appointed, my analysis might change. England would probably draw more games. Curbishley? Why? Pearce? Doesn’t want the job, he claims and McClaren? No. What if we excluded this season? No.

    But with any of them I think England would come through this group. Might be a bit tight mind.

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