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    I see Ladbrokes and Coral have sold all their racecourse pitches in Britain and Ireland.

    They were going to anyway but there is no doubt the current situation made the decision a lot easier.

    Could this be the final death knell of the betting ring? When I first started going racing, the ring was the beating heart of the track. It was vibrant, exciting and even a bit scary – but that seemed to add to the appeal. And you could get value.

    Now the ring is dead. They are almost begging you to bet. The volume of bets has gone and you seldom, if ever, see a big bet struck. And there is very little variety in prices, making shopping round a waste of time.

    I suppose time moves on and the exchanges have just blown the ring out of the water – but I feel sad that it has gone from the racecourse. My only surprise is Ladbrokes and Coral found someone to buy the pitches. They are currently a worthless asset.

    And unless crowds are allowed back soon, the smaller bookmakers will not return.

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