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    This horse ran in the 12.35 Fairyhouse in very strange circumstances. He was soon in a clear lead, building up about a 30 length advantage until his rider nought him under heavy restraint and allowed the field to catch him up. He continued to hold the horse back whilst it raced freely as the rest of the field went past him, giving him a token slap down the shoulder early in the straight, eventually finishing twelfth of 16.

    The archive isn’t on the atr website yet, but check it out when it goes up.

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    I spotted this too dj and, were I not the type of person to slip in subtle accusations of some kind, would have highlighted it myself.

    Had it looked remotely like the horse was pulling itself up, or even finding the long lead a little lonesome, I probably wouldn’t have thought much of it. But Mr Whelan visibly restrained him, and dropped him out of the race, having built up a fairly useful lead.

    I guess few questions are asked when a horse has form figures of 8, 0, 0 and 9, but I’d have at least had a quick word with connections.

    I think I’ll be backing the horse at the first price available next time (the last time I noted a horse like this, Stevie Gee waltzed in having been backed down from 40/1 – take a look at the ‘ride’ McKeown gave him behind Pontyrossa, and then the ease with which he dismissed Pavlova).

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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