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    Are they still paid for their interviews on television?.

    I seem to remember that they received £30 an interview at one time.

    Now to my knowledge owners and trainers receive nothing when they are interviewed.

    Another thing about jockeys, they love the praise they receive, but when someone in the media is "brave" enough to criticise they spit their collective dummy out.

    Do you remember Winstanley losing the gig, on the insistence of the jockey supporters, because he dared to criticise Richard Hills.

    Alright, Mark isn’t everyone’s cup o’ cha but surely the rights of free speech do apply to him?


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    One of our smaller sports people over in Australia didn’t speak to me for a month after I wrote (along with everyone else I might add) that the chief steward had declared a particular ride of his to be worth $80 (they were getting $110 at the time)…
    …he’s now in prison….. :shock:

    (Not for not talking to me of course :lol: )

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    Agreed Seabird. Same happened to Chappers over at ATR. Looked like they were trying to get him the sack because he dared to express an opinion – something he is paid to do.

    I know it’s been aid before on here but, if anything, racing journalists are too soft when it comes to jockeys and trainers.

    Only in racing does this seem to happen. In other sports people seem to accept criticism and praise as a part of every day life without the ‘song and dance’.

    Seems to be a different rule when it comes to foreign jocks though.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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