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    In a shock announcement this morning, Ch4 executives have announced that the UK’s favourite comedy-type racing-type person, Derek ‘Thommo’ Thompson, has been voted off the company’s racing-type coverage by the general public and will be replaced by none other than the UK’s favourite chav-type chavvy person, the otherwise unemployable Jade ‘is it cos I is fik?’ Goody.

    Uber-moron Jade, who will form a Flanagan & Allen type duo with another fat hairy failed Celebrity Big Brother contestant on the show, will ape Thommo’s legendary post-race jockey’s interviews, but with her own take on the tired format – asking the winning jockey if he/she ‘likes me tits?’

    Channel 4 deny any accusations of ‘dumbing down’, adding that Jade would become a vauable member of the Racing team following a few electrocution lessons.



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    rofl betlarge:biggrin:

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    :old: I’d love to laugh large, but I can’t,<br>as this reality rotten pudding asteroid swerves dangerously<br>into the front room of our lives.

    The real trouble is TV menace e’xecutives<br> are today copying Finch’s Network and<br> viewing ratings as a God high above the tennerforasee hills of morality.<br> And yass they certainly might consider this lip machine jgoody<br> had the bits for a mike.

    When I saw the ugly show given star news billing last night<br> I was convinced the country had finally gone to the dogs.<br> Even the few reassuring and consoling anger management passages I read from the holy book of Grimes <br> didn’t dispel my desire to haw haw off to Russia – a land at least where there’s no loss of identity – and a poisoned bun is a poisoned bun and not some pretend tart with wishy washy watch my yelll cow custard.

    <br> <br> <br>

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    She’d probably make more sense than…..(delete as applicable)

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    :giggle: careful gentlemen your hot air is becoming infectious as Mounty lets off a broadside :fart: ( tried to to to delete )

    Rememeber well David’s assy metrical challenge to Goliath was successful mainly because his small stature worried him.<br>I hope track this is not a troll-like attack on the kossack. The dissolution of the USSR in the early 90’s and Russia’s change from superpower to gentle goliath was well documented on the first page of the Times but evidently the message was slightly misty by page three.  

    flatcapgamble…not me :coolwink:

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    If Jade Goody is accordingto her the 25th most influental person in the country the question remains <br>Is Glenn the 24th?

    other qoutes from the gob<br>where is east angular? Is it abroad?

    Rio de Janerio – thats a person

    The Daily Mail – thats the post

    Saddam Hussien -thats a boxer

    A ferret is a bird.

    I had my first birthday when I was one.

    I am intelligent but I let myself down as I can’t talk properly and I can’t spell

    Mother Theresa is from Germany

    Sherlock Holmes invented toilets

    and on her ‘special relationship’ with her mother

    ‘I treat her as my mother and she treats me like a daughter.

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    :ohno: Glenn is a goliath and were he to be given an international stage together with the opportunity of a multi-fold expansion of his misjustice message, propelling away from, but not discluding equus, to all things broken – plus his own leather jacketed prime time presence – I am sure he would gain far more than a leg under goody and I’d have him at number 6 + 6 – 6. ;)

     Large Mike, thank you for brightening the most insipid dull January weather with your sun offering. I am an :old: basker.

    <br> flatcapgamble….If horses could talk the sport of racing would be number one, however many would be forced to wear nosebags, and several would be shot for telling the truth.

    latest : it appears the chairman of channel four is calling today for the axeing of BB. That sadly will never happen and the only thing to remove the show will be a switch off by viewers, which again is highly unlikely, as the contetants more or less live the hooked lives of the viewers for them !

    Glenn, the Sir Devilfishmeister will never lose his black cloak of old, and rather like Christopher Reeve who could not lose his cape, is stuck with its large cleaning bill for time immemorial. As you will remember, we were given the rare opportunity to be joined at the hip on the big splash spaghetti boards of betfair. I jumped at the chance too late, but I feel if we had both reacted sooner and in unison, we might have been afforded the biggest platform to affect racing. I am certain Andrew Black was behind the message and I have respect for his going out on a limb for things he believes are creditable and winnable. I had my first offering prepared – an old man with withered hands typing strange words from an old typewriter positioned in a security wing of a prison mental hospital. Don’t worry my lack of straight and narrow would have led eventually to the overound, viewed from the giddy perspective of a small high room in Kubrick’s Overlook hotel.<br>     My current affect on racing is like a drop of plastic rain that lands on the bright glass green turf of Portman Park to slow the nostril of the second horse and lose him the photo !  :(

    ….well erm, that was a past chairman of channel four who called for the axing not the current bun, and yesterday we heard as expected, that a whitewash review of the rotten show is all that is planned. The Bore brother accounts for just less than 20% of the channel’s total advertising revenue – so no surprise they are courting the big eye with shadow and a suspended sentence of we’ll decide.

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