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    Is it just me who hates their coverage of the racing when it is shown from the car beside the horses so you can only see a small amount of the field and miss most of the ones at the back jumping. Shocking. Personally I hope they fail so I can get proper coverage of the racing again and actually see what is happening.
    It puts me off watching it.

    phil walker
    phil walker
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    Who do you think will bother with horse racing should ITV pull out? I fail to see anyone who in your words could provide “proper coverage”


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    The ultra close up is a pain (particularly at Kempton over Christmas) and I prefer the shots where you can actually see the majority (if not all) of the field and the upcoming fence/hurdle a good way before they jump it. Also not a fan of the drone shots in running (good for replay purposes though) as it takes you too far away from the perspective of the fence itself.

    That being said I am not sure that other terrestial channels would be interested in sinking the money/backing into the sport that ITV are and I am loathed to see racing altogether gone from terrestial TV as that would be a truly sad day for the sport because if it does go, I am pretty certain it would not come back.

    I think we all to one extent or another have rose coloured glasses on when we talk about terrestial TV coverage of the past, but lets be fair because all iterations that we have had be it on BBC/ITV/Channel 4 have had their issues that didn’t sit well with some of its audience for one reason or another.

    The bottom line is that we still have racing on terrestial TV and by and large the viewing figures suggest that what we are being served by ITV is pretty much finding the balance between satisfying the existing base whilst bring in new viewers.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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