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    There is a 6 runner Group 3 race in Ireland tomorrow at 6.15 that is a St.Leger Trial.
    I am not implying that anything is inappropriate.
    However all 6 runners are trained by either Aidan or Joseph O’ Brien.
    Is that what we really want to see ?


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    The overall Coolmore domination is such that they are providing most of the runners for various pattern races, partly because I think the will to take them on is diminishing.

    The Derby this year is a perfect example.

    Coolmore have a skilful knack of retaining the cream of the stock they breed and I would imagine the global pool they sell into, if not diminishing, isn’t getting any bigger.


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    I don’t want to see it happen but bearing that in mind it is up to me to train and own a racehorse and put it in the race and take on the family.

    If I don’t do that then I have no ground to blame any trainer who has also not put a horse in the race and taken them on.

    It is as it is there will always be somebody who is at the top of the food chain. That’s the great white shark in the ocean and the o’briens in Irish flat racing.

    Every now and again everyone will be scared off by the predator but at other times they will come and play and some times David will beat goliath.


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    Not quite like Michael Dickinson though with the first 5 in the ’83 Chelt Gold Cup.

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    O’Brien’s dominate the staying breeding division so this is going to happen from time to time. Could even get worse as although Galileo’s time is limited, his two sons Australia and Camelot look strong staying influences.

    value is everything
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