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Is it reallly three years today….

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    Grey Desire
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    ..since the founder of TRF and our syndicate Craig Mitchell sadly passed away.

    Whenever Derby Day is on the horizon I think of that sad day and remember what many of us have to be thankful to him for.

    Thinking of Debs and Luke (who looks more like his Dad as he gets older).

    Fortunately he doesn’t share his Dad’s passion for all things Notts Forest!!!!.

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    Indeed GD, lovely post. Derby Day will always have that memory attached to it for me too since that day.

    I think he’d be glad that the forum he worked so hard to create is still going strong and that so many of his friends still contribute.

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    I thought it was the 4th but I could be wrong

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    It’s uncanny how like his dad Luke is becoming. Doubtless Debs is proud as punch of him, and rightly so.

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    Crikey, so it is. I remember I went to Epsom that day and read the news on here in the morning. Very much hope that wife & kid are coping.

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    I agree with GD, Derby Day’s approach will always bring back memories of the horror and shock we all felt that day. I’ll never forget it.

    Send our best wishes to Debs and Luke, I do hope they’re OK.

    dave jay
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    .. I knew what this thread was about when I read the title.

    Daylight .. 8)

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    Well said all round. Hope all close to Craig were blessed with happy recollections of him yesterday.


    The patron saint of lower-grade fare. A gently critical friend of point-to-pointing. Kindness is a political act.

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    Nev and I would like Debbie to know that our thoughts are with her and Luke at this time of year, Craig was a lovely friendly guy who started this forum for people who loved racing and like to talk to others who shared the same passion.

    It is great that there are still a few of the original members on here who may remember the chats that went here late into the early mornings sometimes.

    I know Nev had a great respect for Craig, they had long chats about the sport they loved. I think It’s great to see it is still going strong today a testament to the good work put by all who are here today, and by the founder Craig.

    Sue and Nev

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    It is lovely to see this thread on here, good on you GD for starting it.

    I’m sure when Debs see’s this thread it will mean an awful lot to her of that i am sure. I have had the chance already to speak with her this week but i will take this opportunity again to send her hugs.

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    Can only echo all that has been said…

    Hopefully they have broadband in heaven (though hopefully not with Virgin media ..)

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    I can hardly believe it is the third anniversary already of Craig’s passing.

    Kindest regards to Debs & Luke


    Tete Rouge
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    As always, thoughts with Debs and Luke at this time.

    I so often have cause to think of Craig – there are a number of us whose lives have been enriched by the forum, the syndicates and the friendships that have grown and endured.

    Happy Jack
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    Ditto to all of the above.

    Luke is growing into a fine young man, and I’m sure his old man would be incredibly proud of him.

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    Thanks everyone so much for your messages. It’s great to see the Forum still going strong (thanks Corm!), Craig would be proud and very very pleased.

    Luke’s getting on really well, he’s 9 now (going on 13 some days) but yes I’m very very proud of him.

    Thanks again for your lovely messages :)

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