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    I’ve just rewatched all his races Ian and to me he still seems to be running a little green and not giving 100% in his races willingly.
    Maybe he is still growing into that huge frame or has he possibly got into the habit of stopping when he thinks he has done enough and waiting for that extra encouragement to make the committment and finish off his race, because it is always the final half furlong of his races that are the most impressive where he really lengthens and eats up the ground once he gets into Turbo mode.

    If he is still work in progress then there is hope that he can win the St. James’s Palace and win back the hearts of those who think his star is not burning so bright.

    Things turn out best for those who make the best of how things turn out...
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    There was some ease in the ground yesterday so Native Trail may not have been seen to best effect.

    Trainer quote: “For a big horse and a horse of his action, I would always be more confident with a sounder surface. I wasn’t going to dart away and give excuses about it being slower than good as a negative, I’m a believer that good horses can get through it”

    He was unlucky with the draw at Newmarket and has just won a classic on less than ideal ground the trainer is implying. In a fast ground Eclipse, should they decide to skip Ascot and go there, with his 121 rating, bang in the mix. St Marks Basillica and Roaring Lion were recent 3 year olds that won rated 120 and 118. Field size tends to not be that big of late as i seem to recall too.

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    “For a big horse and a horse of his action, I would always be more confident with a sounder surface”.


    Is that really what he said?

    Has Charlie been told to say that? :wacko:

    He isn’t that stupid. :negative:

    Got used to Ballydoyle saying things with breeders in mind, but this is just as bad if not worse.

    Yes, some horses with Native Trail’s action act on a sounder surface.
    Yes a few may even be better on a sounder surface.
    But fact is the majority of horses with that kind of action will be suited by give in the ground.

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    Did buckaroo scope badly? Surely that wasn’t his true running

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    “Has Charlie been told to say that?”


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    Buckaroo ran badly because I thought he was a decent thieving bet – simple as!

    Once again, the Devil vomits in my kettle!

    Yes, hilariously, Appleby really did say that.

    The story earlier in the spring from some was that Native Trail would appreciate an easier surface too.

    I like the colt, he’s still got quality, but he’s not turned out as good as he looked in the National Stakes and the Dewhurst, he’s had enough racing that I can’t believe he’s still running green and I personally only rate him 119 (117 yesterday) and I wouldn’t be confident in him even running to that next time out as he simply doesn’t seem to be making average weight-for-age progression.

    He might stay 1m2f, but it would have to be a desperately weak Eclipse for him to win it IMO.

    But it’s a game of opinions and I’ll be first to admit I’m wrong if he wins another Group 1.

    Wouldn’t TRF be dull if we all agreed all the time and/or sat on the fence?

    Sir Cherryade of Hampshire
    ("Chezza" to the proletariat)

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