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    Battle Of Midway, Footie, Giorni Felice, Mississippi Wine, Morph, Not Fou Sale

    RIP all

    Ex RubyLight
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    Wow, once again no fallers among the killed ones. None of them older than seven years. All of them (with Battle of Midway the only exception) extremely poor animals with zero success on the track. What does this tell us?

    Probably that smaller owners can’t afford their horses any longer. Corona should be no excuse though, if you don’t have the cash, just never own for the fun of it.

    Ekbalco, your weekly HRI List reveals how Irish Racing really works. But I guess no one is bothered…..

    May they all rest in peace

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    Agreed Ruby..It’s an absolute scandal that horses are being sent to slaughter in Ireland for no other reason than they cannot win races and owners have run short of cash and cannot pay for their training.

    My heart breaks for those beautiful horses named above and those sadly yet to on earth can anyone who works within the industry allow this to happen and when will someone with the power to stop this step forward.
    Jac :negative:

    Things turn out best for those who make the best of how things turn out...
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    Too many people see it as a get rich quick hobby and that hardly ever happens. Racehorses are too often just a commodity, rather than a living creature, don’t want to go on, I’ve previously made my feelings clear on this. There’s only a chance of change if it was made public – by which I mean non racing public – and in a big way, splashy, tabloid, ‘Scandal in horseracing’ type of ‘made public’. Even then, chances are it would be put down to Covid. It’s worked previously (I hope) a few years ago when it was discovered there was a greyhound killing operation going on and charges were brought and the industry was supposed to change. Horses cost an awful lot to keep and, while slaughterhouses pay for each one brought in, this horrible, shameful situation will continue, if that’s indeed what is happening.

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