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    Just what is the point in spending a grand or two every year on home insurance ?
    I ask this on hearing that the government will be bailing out ‘those people who are unfortunate enough not have home insurance’, in the wake of the flooding in England.
    Unfortunate ? I think not.
    These chancers have taken the decision not to take out cover and pocket the readies instead. It is nobody’s fault but their own that they find themselves up **** creek without a paddle.
    It’s the rest of us that are actually bailing them out via government cash.
    Also, if all of those people did have home insurance, the premiums for the rest of us would not be so high.
    Just another example of decent, responsible citizens getting shafted for doing the right thing, while the chancers and scroungers sit with their begging bowls getting filled at our expense.

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    You must live in a pretty extravagant home if your home insurance is costing you a grand or two every year Kebab.

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    The orangerie costs us a heavy premium that’s for sure.

    dave jay
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    The governement say they are going to bail them out, but the government says it’s going to do a lot of things .. like the £50M they pledged to regenerate inner cities that never got past the consultancy stage.

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    I just don’t understand why they are getting bailed out ?
    If I crash my car without having insurance I would be in all sorts of bother.
    I wouldn’t expect anyone else to pay any fines, settle any compensation claims, or serve any jail sentence.

    Presumably they knew that they were buying a house on a flood plain, baulked at the cost of the insurance, and decided to just take the chance and do without.

    Also, most mortgage providers usually insist on borrowers having insurance in place. I wonder what has happened in these cases ?

    These chancers might be up sh*t creek but it’s entirely their own fault that they have no paddle.

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    according to the number of bogus or ramped-up claims that people i know tell me about, it more than pays for itself – mind, they haven’t been flooded though, might teach ’em a lesson if they were – i cannot believe how insurance companies so easily let these go through, unless these people are telling porkies

    does anyone know how much these recent floodings are or might affect property prices in the more flood prone areas ?

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    does anyone know how much these recent floodings are or might affect property prices in the more flood prone areas ?

    It’ll hammer them presumably. Who wants to live in a flood zone and most people think it’s just going to get more frequent.

    Also, if you moved there, would you be able to get insurance?

    Although the government help you out of you get flooded without insurance, don’t bet it’ll be enough to put you back where you started.


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    I think I pay c.£360 per year for contents. I haven’t claimed in twenty years.

    We lost the entire contents downstairs in June’s floods. £15K.

    Seems a fair arrangement.

    Those without insurance will hardly end up better off will they? Strange thing to be chippy about – better to be thankful you didn’t flood imho.

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    Kebab….Some of us, with bad backs, simply can’t afford insurance. You should think yourself lucky.

    Do you have any idea how tight it is living on £1,300 social every month. Me with me tabs & booze (which I pay tax on) and betting money. The missus, sunbed & nails once a week, tabs & booze and then the kids. You try living with six kids all of which want their own telly and Xbox, not too mention trainers which they grow out every two weeks. Anyway, we’re all off to Gran Caneria next week (I’ll have to leave out the Tax & Insurance on the Cortina, for a bit) as I need a rest to get away from miserable twats like you.

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    :D :D :D Pompete. But if you’ve got 6 kids surely, what with Tax Credits etc. you’d have an income well over £1.3k p.m.
    Taking out insurance is a gamble. Contents insurance is on of the first to do without if budgets are tight. Yout mortgagor only wants you to have buildings insurance.
    I don’t have contents insurance and haven’t for donkeys years – unless you live in a flood plain it’s seldom value for money – although obviously some will regret not having it when disaster strikes.
    Most insurance (bar buildings / private health and pet insurance) is poor value.

    Irish Stamp
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    When we had flooding in Sheffield and the rest of Yorkshire the government didn’t exactly come running to chuck money into regenerating the area.

    Premiums will always be higher if you buy a house on a floodplain, if you live near a river good drainage means that the water level will rise quicker so rivers are much more likely to burst their banks now than they were 100 years ago.

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    I’ve got nothing worth insuring, and anyway I live in a three storey house in London, and at least 2 miles from the nearest river, so it would have to be some flood to damage any of my goods.
    Even a burgler would have to bring a ladder with him, so I don’t go in for home contents insurance, it would just be another expense I don’t need.
    As for the government bailing out the people who were flooded, I imagine they might give them some help with a few essential items, but I hardly think they’ll be replacing their playstations and stereo’s, that is even if people were dumb enough to allow them to get ruined in the first place.

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    Bad back my hole.

    The only thing wrong with people like you is the love of your mattress you workshy lazy scrounging piece of scum.

    Happy Jack
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    This reminds me of a quote in The Simpsons by Maud Flanders, after a hurricane had demolished her family home:

    “Neddy doesn’t have any insurance, he considers it a form of gambling”

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    ….as do millions of Muslims, HJ:

    Insurance of one’s life or possessions is haraam and is not permitted, because it involves gharar (speculation – buying/selling something where it is not known whether what is being bought/sold will actually be achieved/delivered, or in what specific quantity, thus putting one’s money at undue risk to being lost) and riba (usury, interest).

    Allaah has forbidden all transactions that are based on riba, and all transactions which involve deceit, as a mercy to this ummah, and to protect them from that which may harm them.

    Allaah says: “whereas Allaah has permitted trading and forbidden Ribaaâ€Â

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