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    Exosphere was initially my selection for this race – the horse is a couple of pounds ahead of the field on ratings and seems to still be improving so it looks initially like a fairly sopen & shut case, but I don’t think it’s that simple – I quite like David Lanigans horse Almodovar who although is taking a big step up in class recorded a very good RPR on his last AW win and looks to still be improving too – and we know his trainer can get one ready for Ascot. I will discount Dartmouth on the basis that Jockey No. 1 has deserted him for the selection (also his form is not quite up to this level I think) and I couldn’t have Highland Reel on this ground. I think Simple Verse is an overrated filly, she should never have been 5/1 when beaten by Found & Postponed last time out and in any case was beaten 4 lengths by Exosphere. Mount Logans run behind Exosphere at Sandown looks interesting but I don’t think Varians horse has improved as much as Exosphere or Almodovar.

    Wicklow Brave looks more of a stayer and although Astroneus won a Group 3 last time I am willing to discount him.

    I didn’t realise that Eagle Top was a non-runner until just now and had wrote another full paragraph explaining why he was going to be my selection :wacko:

    I am really confused now because Exosphere was my choice but as I said I don’t rate Simple Verse as highly as a lot of people do.

    What are you guys doing in this race if anything?


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    Hi Conor, it’s not a race I’m particularly interested in as a betting proposition.
    I’m not a favourite backer in general, but I’ve put EXOSPHERE in my competition
    on here. Like you, I can’t really find an alternative to him.

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    Steward’s enquiry….. if Peslier had hit Dartmouth over the head with his whip, and kicked him
    up the a**e, whilst singing the La Marsseillaise, what would be the chances of the stewards
    demoting the Queen’s horse to 2nd….ehmmm, let he think ;-)

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    I did Highland Reel at what looked whopping odds of 11/1 this morning.

    Since Seamie Heffernan is pretty weak in a finish at the best of times and with him managing to lose his whip as well, I feel he would have won with Ryan Moore on board.

    Sadly Ryan was riding the overrated and ridiculously priced Exosphere instead.

    That’s the game though.

    Thanks for the good crack. Time for me to move on. Be lucky.

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    I was on Simple Verse. Ran like a drain. Just about sums up my week.

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    I think we might be looking at a drop back in trip for Almodovar. Guessing he traded pretty short turning in.

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    Aidens had a very good week but with the ghurka,Alice springs and now highland reel he could have had ten winners. Highland reel and the ghurka will win top races again but this was Alice springs cup final with the likes of ballydoyle missing. Breeders cup for her I would guess and probably highland reel as well.

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