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Hannon website ‘hacked’ ?

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    Lone WolfLone Wolf
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    Just read the news section and someone has left a ‘moving’ text message at the top. :lol:

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    I didn’t actually see the message but from the extract below (courtesy of the RP), it sounds as though whatever was put up was intentional (at least initially) :shock:

    However, quoted on his father’s website Hannon jnr said: "The European journalists in Kentucky caught me on the hop and have put two and two together and made five, and, though I was angry and wanted Geoff Lester, who edits our website news, to show people back home what a crazy situation we were left in, sadly he has gone over the top.

    "Dad may not be a great lover of American racing, but he likes Americans and so do I – some of our most important owners in the yard come from the USA and they are friends as well as owners, so it is wrong to give the impression that we are anti-American. It was a bad morning and things did not go right for us, but I apologise for any embarrassment that I have caused, and so does Geoff."

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    This family suffers from a severe case of Verbal Diarrhea.

    More flip flopping that the Labour Party on Emigration

    The Young FellaThe Young Fella
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    Richard Hannon and Peter Grayson have more similarities than you would think then…

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    The only thing Peter Grayson has in common with Richard Hannon is Richard knows he’s a trainer and Peter thinks hes one. :lol:

    This website is becoming like a sweetie wife’s convention

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