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    It was sad to read the news that Charlie Egerton’s Grand National runner Graphic Approach had finally lost his battle to live and was put down on Wednesday evening.

    Graphic Approach failed to recover from receiving concussion when falling at Bechers, in spite all the fantastic efforts by the vets at the Leahurst Veterinary Hospital in Liverpool.

    If you remember the last race on the card, the bumper, was cancelled as Graphic Approach lay collapsed on the hurdle track (after jumping another half dozen fences after Beeches Brook while loose).

    I believe it was one of the first times that I can remember when a race was cancelled, especially on such a big day, and Aintree were widely praised for putting the welfare of a horse before commercial interests.

    It might have been disappointing for owners and trainers of fancied runners in the big bumper but everyone one was in total agreement with Aintree’s decision.  

    Graphic Approach is a huge loss for all his connections, especially for his owner Peter Orton; Peter was so excited about having a runner in the big race. We were all so hoping that he would have a great run as Peter, who is such a huge jumping supporter, certainly deserved it.

    RIP big lad…never forgotten.

    To Charlie and his staff and more so to the lad/lass who loooked after him, who would have been with him 24/7, my biggest condolences


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    Can’t beleive that news. I am so sorry to hear it.

    Condolences to Mr & Mrs Orton, Charlie Egerton and the stable.

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    Very sad. Last I heard he was doing rather well. I always hate seeing horses die, it’s even more appalling in the National as some people are going to see it as a window of opportunity, not the sad loss of life it should be.

    Condolences to connections.

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    Bad news –  I assumed he was going OK and would recover. Sad for all concerned.

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    What a sad end, but they tried their best.

    Condolences to everyone involved.

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    Can I just check I’ve understood the reports correctly, though – wasn’t he put down on account of a terrible bout of pneumonia? To what extent, if any, was this legacy of his bad experience at Aintree?

    If it is not, and is simply one last terrible piece of luck for him, then the distinction ought to be made, precisely for the reason Friggo states – let’s not have Animal Aid and their ilk logging Graphic Approach as Another Horse The Grand National Killed, if that is not actually the case.


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    Yes, his lungs never recovered from his heat exhaustion, to which his immune systym was so low, he caught pneumonia……he went from being very hot to cold, so was septible to getting a infection…if anibiotics dont work, the lungs can be badly damaged…its more fatal than in humans….

    It was not the Grand National that killed him, it was himself for running round and over heating……

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    Was out with Edgy’s assistant & GA’s lad on Grand National night in Liverpool when they had a much-needed drink [or six!!!].  John is the lad who looked after him and he will be in pieces, he was upset enough on the day even though everything was looking very positive.

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