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    Over Grand National weekend I watched the film Champions again with some friends, which told the inspiring story of Aldaniti and Bob Champion. One of my friends that hadn’t seen the film before was so moved that she wrote the following poem that I felt was good enough to share.

    From dire distress and the deepest despair,
    Were a man and a horse in need of repair,
    One with cancer the other gone Lame,
    Lost their standing, once top of their game
    Collapsed on the ground with nowhere to run,
    Family urging, it’s over and done
    But a life without horses what would it be,
    Stronger than this, he’d make them see
    Fearless courage took him up off the ground,
    Donned warmer climates, till fitness came round

    Reunited with steed, had all hope gone?
    They kindled a partnership second to none
    Horse carried rider in more ways than one,
    A win at Cheltenham spring eighty one
    The National was calling both of them in,
    Trainer agreed and prayed for a win
    Walked the course his hand on heart,
    This would give them both a brand new start
    Saddle enclosure and weighing room first,
    Out into the crowd almost ready to burst

    Mounting his steed, he sat happy and proud
    In quiet hope, not a word, not a sound
    Girth is fastened and the race is on,
    They need this win or they will both be done
    Under orders for the start of the race,
    A million dollars for the look on his face
    Horses stumble and jockeys fall,
    On the outside and he takes them all
    Cleared fences like a swift in flight,
    The angels are with him no need to fight

    The finish is near, they are almost home,
    He gave his promise and it’s almost done
    Stride onto the last don’t falter now,
    We are almost home, we’ve done it somehow
    They passed the line, the crowd cheered and roared,
    And this time it was a deafening applaud
    A crocked smile decorated his face,
    They were back, A Man and his horse retaking their place

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    Very good naps, I put one up earlier today that someone wrote, have you seen it?

    Maybe cormack could start a Poets Corner :lol:

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    I did see it and as a result put this one up! :)

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