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    In my humble opinion, would’ve been the greatest hurdler of all time.

    Watching these videos brings a tear to the eye when I reflect on this smashing horse and the enormous potential he had.

    Here’s to the golden one *raises glass*

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    I totally agree. He was some horse.

    Dr. Vincent O’Brien said that, in his opinion, Golden Cygnet was the best hurdler he had ever seen.

    High praise indeed.

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    I was there the day he won the Fingal Hurdle; the ground was really heavy, but he was still able to accelerate away.
    The Scottish Champion Hurdle makes painful viewing; it looks like he was coming to win the race, tho Sea Pigeon was still close. I believe he was also giving the others 5 lbs, tho maybe I could be corrected on that.

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    In my view Night Nurse was the best performer over hurdles that I ever saw but I was a teenager back then. Golden Cygnet certainly looked a horse of immeasurable potential and , who knows, could have been the best ever.

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