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    As we all know this showdown has got our hearts racing with excitement over the past few months

    I don’t know how many times a day I don’t picture the various moments of the race…the tension beforehand, the roar as they turn for the tapes at the start, the cheers as Denman soars to the lead over a fence, thunderous bellows as the runners steem down the hill or swing for home etc etc

    Anyway if it clearly means so much to us…and rarely have I seen us folk get so excited for so long…. then I think we should make our best endeavors to let the public know. We can write all day on this forum about the great occasion but no none racing member is going to ever read these posts

    I’m not going to offer any great solutions(so please don’t shoot me down) but since there are many smart racing enthusiasts here who are passionate about their sport then I was hoping you might have an idea

    We could individually start to email various publications. For example every Friday on the London tube a sports magazine is distributed for free called…’Sport’. I don’t see any reason why this showdown should not have a large spread over the coming weeks…how fantastic would it be if they shared the front page..

    I think we need to start pushing this race fast as hopefully the publicity will the gain momentum

    No I’m not a member of the BHB or anything like that (that shouldnt matter anyway as its all the one sport) but I do love my horse racing and love it when others sometimes understand the excitement and brilliance that these animals can provide…This is a perfect opportunity…

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    Surely the BHA could do a massive publicity drive over the next few weeks.

    You just know that they won’t but how about a TV ad and some large advertising billboards in town centres & high streets?

    The TV ad could end with a black screen with Friday Mar 14 – 3.15pm as the text rather like a film or new car promo. They could show footage of both horses in action and maybe use Madonna’s ‘Jump’ as the soundtrack. Or ‘Get It On’ by T-Rex!

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    I agree Jackel,
    The racing authorities should hype the race as much as possible. This race could get a generation of sports enthusiasts interested in racing.

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    Personally, I think this is where racing has fallen down for years, and a more aggressive marketing strategy should be in place by now to bring in new crowds.
    However, what would be the point of starting all this so close to the big clash that has the sport buzzing? If you’re not interested in racing by this stage your response to any advertisement for the GC now would be "Kauto who?"

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    I suppose the fact that the race is going to be run at 3.15 on a Friday is a downside with regard to the general public getting interested.

    And would the BHA say that it would be risky to spend a five or six figure sum on an advertising campaign as there is still obviously a risk that one/both horses might not make it (as we saw on Saturday night).

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    Arkle Red Rum and Desert Orchid became household names during their careers……..some others like Best Mate got Best Who? because they never eally grabbed the publics imagination.

    This race coming up will become legendary if it turns out as expected…..which ever horse comes out on top will become a household name the press will see to that.

    Especially if Kauto Star were to hack up………it would put him up there with the greatest ever and comparisons would be made………..the press love winners and so do the public whether it be a horse, a boxer or Mickey Mouse.

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    I’m not sure we should take it for granted that he will become a household name fist. I would have thought that Best Mate, though not as good as the chasers you mentioned, should have become a household name since he won 3 Gold Cups. It had been close to 40 years since such an achievement was made. Perhaps his lack of racing meant the pres never really got the chance to use his name all that much

    What I was referring to in my original post was what can WE as racing enthusiasts do not what the BHA can/will do.

    That is why I reffered to mass emailing certain publications asking – when are they gonne cover this great clash? Do they know how big this is etc etc. Perhaps this is a method that should not be supported but if this was the U.S. then this clash would be all over the papers as they love a showdown

    Granted the race is on a Friday at 3:15 but I think this is more so about creating awareness of how great our sport can be. If people really want to watch it then they can find a way but otherewise at least they should be aware of the magnitude of the event

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    Maybe the BBC could do some sort of programme on the clash, like they have done before about the Grand National and the Derby. This race is definatly an ideal opportunity to get new people into the sport.

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    with the dearth in british sports stars or personalities could the winner of the gold cup win bbc sports personality of the year and if so will it be the first time a horse has won this ?

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    I can’t see the bbc doing much to promote this since they do not cover the Cheltenham

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    Aye it would be great if Channel 4 could have put together a 1 hour documentary on Paul Nicholls/Kauto/Denman to be shown a few days before the Festival.

    As for Best Mate, he might not have been as well known as Arkle, Dessie & Red Rum but news of his death was on just about every front page the following day so I think he was a household name myself. Exeter also got mammoth crowds whenever he ran there.

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    In the past there was a plan hatched to try and get A.P. Mc Coy more publicity and to get him votes on the B.B.C. Sports Personality of the year.

    It had little impact.

    In our region the ‘B.B.C. Sportsman on the South’.

    I e -mailed them 2 years ago to enquire why ‘my’ man who was The Champion Flat jockey Ryan Moore as he hails from Brighton and his family live there and was not even in the voting list and never got a single mention.
    This year I again e-mailed them to enquire why Ryan Moore never got a single mention despite his achievments despite being out injured for over 3 months………….again no reply.

    The winner was a disabled guy who ‘sailed’ around the U.K.
    However he took 4 months to do it and on the first day they had to rescue him from the river Hamble as he sunk the catamaran a 100 yards into his epic voyage! He came ashore every night and stopped in hotels. He was so far behind they had to abandon plans to sail round the top of Scotland and instead sail through the Caledonian Canel to save time! He had a back up boat sailing a 100 yards away throughout the journey!

    The B.B.C. South today thought he was the worthy winner.

    Thats what we up up against in promoting racing.

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    Essentially yes, I’d say a clash of this magnitude wants shouting from the rooftops. But let me play devil’s advocate for a moment.

    If there is a drive to up the profile of the Kauto Star / Denman clash to a level we see appropriate and fitting, are we also going to accept a commensurately increased sh*t-storm if the very worst were to happen and one or the other of the protagonists met with a fatal injury?

    There would be no more hiding place from the opportunistic factions of the press, pressure groups, etc for that than, say, if a stunt on a highly-advertised / bill-posted primetime TV show went disastrously wrong live on air.

    I trust everyone on this Forum is aware that fatalities occur in racing, and concedes that they’re an occurence impossible to snuff out entirely; but there are plenty of people outside of racing, and presumably in the audience The Jackal is enthusiastically wanting to target, who can’t or won’t automatically accept that.

    So, talk up the Gold Cup to as big a new audience as you can by all means, but at the same time have your answers ready for if the worst case scenario is asked about or does ultimately occur.


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    Didn’t Desert Orchid finish 4th in the Sports Personality one year?

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    I came back to racing because of seeing this wonderful grey horse on the news at Christmas… but he was pure white and beautiful and full of character, with a family that did everything possible to share him with us.Red Rum ran in a race that almost everyone in the country watches and has a bet on; he was also the underdog that the British Public so love; trained at a car showrooms, coming back from a crippling disease etc etc…Best Mate was owned and trained by somewhat loveable eccentric people, the press and public love that also. When he died he was on the front page of most newspapers, and most of my non racing friends knew of him.There’s no news slant that the press can use on this one and, as Jeremy said, we don’t know whay will happen on the day – I’m living for this race and also dreading it at the same time, because it’s the sheer danger of their sport that makes these horses so precious to me ; i.e. I never take them for granted.Kauto Star’s injury was featured on the national news so I do think that something is entering the nation’s consciousness about him and I think perhaps it’s after the race that things could start to happen.Having said all that, I do think that little snippets could be put on the news etc to make the non racing public aware that something momentous is about to happen and this needs to be on the national news the week before the race.

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