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    Here’s a nice little system that even Nick Mordin would be proud of….

    Back every horse whose trainer/jockey has been done for non trying or a horse thats been given a publicly flagged up dubious ride on its next run, the improvement is amazing

    Recent qualifiers

    Ashleys Petale….NICK GIFFORD (jockey and trainer non triers)
    6th btn 27L @ Fontwell 9th Nov….Next run 3rd btn 2L @ 12/1

    Mambazo…..S C WILLIAMS (jockey banned)
    9th btn 4.5L @ Kempton 3rd Feb…..Next run 2nd btn 1.5L @ 5/2

    Ignotus…..ALAN SWINBANK (jockey and trainer non triers)
    2nd btn 3.5L @ Catterick 1st Jan…..Next run 1st @ 7/4

    Justcallmehandsome…..D J S FFRENCH DAVIS (complete reversal of previously successful front running tactics, taken very wide into straight)
    4th btn 4L @ 11/10F @ Wolves 24 Jan…..Next run 3rd btn 1.5L @ 10/1

    <b>I forgot to add M Wigum to this list. He is currently awaiting a hearing for a second breach of the non triers rule. His strike rate in 2008 at almost 24% is double that of previous years, his horses in 2008 are being beaten on average 3.1 lengths as opposed to an average of 9 and 8 lengths in 06 and 07 respectively. Massive improvement again from a convicted non trier</b>

    That’s from the top of my head there are more I’m sure. Aces Four FERDY MURPHY is another one to look out for although he’s been off for so long he’ll probably need another public schooling before he’s a system qualifier.

    I suggest backing non trier/dubious ride system horses on BF before the off then "greening up" in running.

    Nice little earner.

    <!– s:wink: –>:wink:<!– s:wink: –>

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    A link which might be useful in this context is

    Gives access to reports of Stewards Enquiries, Disciplinary Hearing and ‘Why They Ran Badly’ reports.


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    Nice angle. How about flagging up some pre qualifiers and get in early for the Another Promise next time!!!

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    * Have edited my top post.

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    Although he didn’t win Salut Saint Cloud would be another qualifier. Shocking stuff at Southwell then punted at Lingfield next time and finished second.

    Magic Amour was another. Couldn’t give it away under Manav Nem (7) on reappearance. Backed off the boards with Donohue up next time.

    Interesting betting patterns of late on Saviles Delight. Taken the lane 8 route at Wolverhampton and ran on under tender handling, well-backed winner at Southwell next time.

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    If you boys must play in the sand….

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    It isn’t a preserve of the all-weather though is it. Look at Fabulous Jet at Sedgefield and the diferent tactics adopted at Hereford.

    Black Sam Bellamy
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    Or David Pipe’s Tino Tino at the start of February…from a hold up horse (6/1 out to 11/1) to a front runner in nine days.

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    Interesting theory that I would never expect to be executed in racing!

    When an AFL club (AFL = Australian Football’s elite league) loses their coach mid-season and is replaced by an interim one, they usually turn out winning for his first game, against all the odds.

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