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    Much was made on another thread about Richard Fahey – quoted in the RP – not revealing the work done on Fonthill Road’s back. Lydia Hislop in the Times this morning gives the real story.

    The comments atrributed to Fahey were not the  result of an interview by the RP. They came from a Press Association release of an interview with him. The RP printed the first part of the release  accurately, but for reasons known only to themselves omitted the crucial last part of the PA release which read:

    "We’ve had his back done since, but he did work well on Tuesday"

    Be most interesting to see if anything  appears in the RP admitting their mistake.

    For those on this forum who criticise owners and trainers for  supposedly not revealing information, perhaps it is worth  considering these points.

    Quite a lot of the info. and comments in the RP  – not all-  comes either from the  Press Association; or for major meetings –  press releases put out by the tracks. Even though a story  may be bye-lined from an RP reporter, it may well be that all that has happened is that someone has topped and tailed a press release.  It doesn’t mean that the "reporter" has him or herself talked to the source of the information.

    Personally I find it amusing to compare stories bye-lined in the RP with those on the Sporting Life web site which are attributed to PA Sport. Of course, I may be being unfair, the PA reporter who  could be anonymous from that source may also be employed by the RP to write under their own name.

    Be most interesting if anyone from the RP would like to comment?


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    I look forward to reading Clivex’s apology.

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    Indeed, a lot of stories used in the RP are originally from a PA source. It is more the case with the RP website when they update news throughout the day – the same stories will be on the sportinglife website.

    In the RP publication the next day an original story with quotes from the PA is sometimes altered and added to quite often, and this is where the omission of quotes can come in, as in this case here. It just goes to show how important putting the whole story in is!

    Also there is nothing stopping other newspapers/reporters taking a PA article and putting their own name to it instead, even without changing or adding to the information.

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