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Following Lenin, Marx and Orwell we have Chapman and Big Mac

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    Speakers Corner in Hyde Park, London has been the home for any of us to stand on a soap box and air our views on everything and anything to the general public.

    In the past George Orwell, Karl Marx and Emily Pankhurst have stood up here and given speeches.

    Cromwell’s body was displayed here after his death as a warning to those who may be wanting to abolish free speech.

    Next Sunday morning they will all be turning in their graves as Matt Chapman and Big Mac will be debating who the winner of the Cheltenham Gold Cup will be!

    Big Mac will be on Kauto Stars side whilst Matt Chapman will be giving his views on why he thinks Denman will win.

    Drivers will be encouraged to hoot their car horns twice for K.S whilst those who think Denman will win should hoot just the once!

    The whole event has been arranged by Totesport and could be a good day out. Hope Harry Findlay may travel up to assist Matt Chapman and Gary Wiltshire could attend to assist Big Mac out in case he gets lost for words.

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    What an advert for the sport!! :roll:


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    Will One Man get a mention? Remember One Man! Remember One Man! What a load of crap.
    They should get Tommo as well, according to him every horse that worked after racing at Leopardstown yesterday worked "very well" and his fancies for Cheltenham seem based on which trainer or owner he’s been talking to.

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    Thompson (Thommo is a term of endearment and so I refuse to use it) does find himself very amusing. I heard that the other day he found a segment of his own commentary so amusing that he used it twice during the same race, just in case the viewers missed it the first time. Apparently Paddy Brennan was pulling double and did what many jockeys do and peered behind him through his own legs. Thompson said "Paddy Brennan looks between his legs and likes what he sees" and thought it worthy of repeat. The man is a twit.

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    What an embarrassment.

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