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    My only bet today was supposed to be a back of Bel Cantor in-running in the 4.25 at Ponte if he got an easy lead. He did, and with one eye on the telly and one on the screen I chased his price down in running and got on at 5.5/1. My Mick Channon goal celebrations around the living room in front of the wife turned to horror when I realised that I’d backed the horse above him, Damika, by mistake. Still can’t figure how he traded so short in-running but there you are, out 650 quid and not happy… I can only remember this happening to me once before- why do you never back the winner by mistake? Not as bad as the multi-million mistakes you hear about in the financial markets but painful nonetheless. What’s anyone else’s biggest Betfair slip-up? (that they’ll admit to)

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    Something similar to yours about 3 years ago. I can’t remember the name of the beast: I am still in denial.

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    Mine wasnt a cock up more a bit of bad luck had a nice double planned and as I bet through my interactive TV just as I was about to bet the Telewest man came to look at the box and both horses came in and i would have won £400 for a £2 double, my first ever try at a double.

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    My sympathies, Carvills. Really do mean that.

    I’ve been there …… worn the T-shirt etc etc.

    Two years ago, intending to back a horse for £20 In-Running at 50/1, I pressed the Lay button instead in error. Some shrewd snapped it up in a millisecond and the odds disappeared to 2.0. Sucking my thumb and cringing behind the sofa I heard the commentator call the horse a winner.
    £1,000 gone west.

    I’ve never done an I-R bet since.

    I’ll guarantee you this: ………… you will never, ever forget the unfortunate mistake you made today. In years to come on the odd occasion you will wake in the wee hours cussing and swearin’. But you’ll never admit the error to your nearest-n-dearest or to your mates down the pub. :)

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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