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    class tells
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    would like to use this type of rating to make my own prices ect but unsure as to how many things to rate consistant form,class,speed,form rating,fitness,jockey trainer,weight movement,projected speed,projected rating, things like distance can only get a yes or no say in a 17 runner race top in each section will get 17pts moving down the section 16pts 15pts ect add up for a horse rating and all race rating subtract 1.5 pts per horse for over round devide horses rating by full race rating minus over round for a decimal price

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    Hi class tells

    the VDW method was devised in the pencil and paper era, with ease of use a priority.  In our computer age I am sure we, the forum members, can come up with some nifty variations.

    I am hoping to use the VDW approach because it has predictive value and helps to keep you focused.

    Another advantage will be that it could give members a common, purposeful, reference point.


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    dave jay
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    class tells .. it really matters what units you use to create your price.

    If your not used to pricing races, you should use a basic points system.

    If you are reasonably good with maths but don’t have a clue about horses you should use Bayesian Inferencing or Implied Odds.

    If you are a fully mature horse racing expert you will need to use pounds.

    … you have to match up your own ability and knowledge with what you want to do, that’s the best way.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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