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End of Coventry ???

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    Coventry management have decided to ban the use of Betfair on course, a decision that will mean the end of Coventry Greyhound Racing within 12 months In my humble oppinion.

    It is not new for a company to attempt to control free trade. I can emagine the complaints from the Horse Stabling and Breeders Association when some clever cookoo invented the weel.

    But we nead not go back as far as that we just have to look at the decision of the Powerfully built Gaety Girl. Mirabel Topham who refused all information and trading from offcourse to her beloved Aintree.

    She gave the job of racecourse comentator to a nicely spoken doorman. who informede the public that the winner had fallen at the first fence.It was 20 years before the track was saved by the country loby (The Public)

    What was the reason for the abuse of her monoply rights. money for personel use. yes Cubone can confirm that she was one greedy individual.

    The manegment of Coventry dogs have a very good product a very good track in a prominent position to succeed.

    However the greed as regards charges to the Bookmakers. (Obviosly passed on to the public by way of % profit margins) has shown itself  in poor service.

    We now have a situation were the main competition to the track Bookmakers. off course Betfair. are to be banned one may say good that will strenthen the attendances to the betting ring.

    I think not infact the oppersite will prevail. people will stay at home bacuse Betfair will still carry on offering a service in competition to the monopoly at this track.

    The  proprioter of the track is being very short sighted.

    And will see the folly of his ways within weeks, if not the market will collapse within 12 months. and the track become another super market.


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