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    Does anyone have any knowledge of any opportunities to work in the racing industry in England? I’m talking:

    – Stable lad
    – Foreman

    – Racing journalist
    – Racing analyst

    Of course, they must be for flat racing only (Sorry!) :wink:

    With regards to the racing media, international racing would be a specialty of mine.

    Why I am asking this, is because I have spent 3-4 months searching for the racing media work in Australia – they are simply stubborn … [expletive of any sort]. I think I’ll get a chance when one of the current employees is dead. And you barely get any help either to crack the nut – because it is so hard to get into the industry here, those that do get incredibly arrogant and don’t want to help others out.

    Bare in mind, yes, I’m in Australia, but if a good opportunity arose then I would be on the first plane out of this god forsaken country. :D

    Please PM me if you know of anything. Most, MOST appreciated!!!

    Fist of Fury 2k8
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    Geezuz mate the last place on earth you want to go to is Rip Off Britain :lol: greatest racing in the world but it’s along way to go for miserable weather and low wages in the racing industry for young people..

    I think you said you were just starting to ride and you are 18 years old…how much has that to do with you not being able to find a job with race horses?…….is it not something many Australians learn to do when they are kids? if you want to get into racing on that side you better step up those lessons first and fast………when I decided I wanted to have a go and it was only for fun, I would ride anything I could and everyday if I could……..go round farms or anywhere they have horses and ask if you can come and excersise their horses and withouy finacial reward………even if you don’t ride that well you will soon learn……..backed up with pro lessons you’ll be in a much better postion to get a job in a very short space of time…..most lads start on the roads but if they are good they will soon be given the opportunity to canter horses or even ride work……you mention a foremans job?……..head lads have been riding for years before they get a crack at that position you would have no chance of walking into a job like that.

    You also have to have a very high standard of education to become a racing Journalist. At 18 you must still have a long way to go on that score……nowadays you need a university degree to get a job in McDonalds :roll:

    If I were you I would stay home and set my sights lower…….you seem to have a great knowledge of racing but it take more than that, the only way you are going to impress someone in the media is to get a job in the media with a decent company…….I would take any job I could get ………..don’t aim too high just get in mate…….If you are as smart as you appear on here they will soon pick it up and university degree or not you are so keen, you give the impression you will end up doing well.

    I hope someone can help but I doubt anyone could. Other than to say write to or email every yard in the country and find out if they need stable staff……which ever way you go..whether into racing stables or the media do keep on riding……you become good and are working in the media popping along to a yard and riding out when you can can help build up good relationships with trainers and jockey….the keener you are about the sport the keener the sport will be about you.

    Wish you luck mate no one will never knock you for trying.

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    Any number of opportunities for stable staff, trainers are crying out for good stable staff.

    Media work is a very different proposition, too few jobs and too many applicants.


    Fist of Fury 2k8
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    I’m quite surprised it doesn’t seem to be the same in oz…….is that because there are less horses/training establishments per head of poluation?

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    Best place to look for jobs in racing in the UK is or the Racing Post’s job site.

    Good luck!

    Fist of Fury 2k8
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    great site that and educational for me as many things have changed……..used to be if you could ride well you could walk into a yard and simply ask for a job. I suppose a good rider who knows his way around horses still can but now young people have to get NVQ National Vocational Qualification…no doubt Australia will have an equivelant.
    Not a bad thing at all.

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    Andrew Black the boss of betfair may be interested if you can drive.
    He has just received a 6 month ban for speeding.

    His lawyer suggested this would be the outcome as when they discussed his finances the judge considered he could afford a driver. :lol:

    Get on his site and get your application in a.s.a.p.!

    Fist of Fury 2k8
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    I heard Michael Schumaker already had the job :lol:

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    The Darley Flying start is about the best course (leading to good prospects in racing) one could possibly do

    This is lifted from another thread;

    Example Placements

    British Horseracing Authority
    The British Horseracing Board (the governing body of British racing) and the Horseracing Regulatory Authority (regulatory authority of British racing) merged in 2007 to become British Horseracing Authority. This placement offers project based work, in a number of different departments. Good communications skills, together with an adaptable attitude are required to optimise this office based placement in London.

    Coral Racing
    Get real exposure to a whole range of areas in the complex world of bookmaking. Based at their offices in Barking, Essex for this placement you should be great with numbers and have a really strong interest in the bookmaking and/or marketing.

    The National Stud
    This placement offers a ‘hands on’ introduction to Thoroughbred breeding at one of Europe’s most prestigious studs, based in Newmarket. An excellent opportunity for those wishing to explore the day to day running of a stud at a very practical level.

    The Horseracing Betting Levy Board and a Racecourse
    This placement enables you to work at the Levy Board in London for two weeks gaining experience in several departments, and six weeks gaining broad racecourse experience based at York Racecourse.

    A comprehensive placement based in Wigan, likely to include work on a major project, which provides exposure to several of totesport’s activities. This placement would best suit those with a real interest in betting and marketing.

    PA Sport (a Press Association Group company)
    PA Sport are based in Howden, East Yorkshire. This placement will see you researching and writing on a whole range of issues in racing. You’ll work from the office and on occasions, on the racecourse. To join us, you’ll need a real knowledge of form and a passion for everything to do with racing.

    The Racecourse Association
    The RCA is the trade association for British racecourses. This placement, based at their head office in Ascot, will allow you to get some invaluable administrative experience covering a vast range of activities relevant to the management of racecourses. You’ll normally get the chance to do a research and/or analysis project, too.

    Jockey Club Racecourses (formerly Racecourse Holdings Trust)
    On behalf of The Jockey Club, its parent company, Jockey Club Racecourses manages 13 British racecourses, including Newmarket, Aintree, Epsom and Cheltenham. Very committed to graduate development you will be placed on whichever racecourse can give them, at the time, the broadest experience in the multi-faceted business of managing a racecourse.

    The Racing Post
    Based in the heart of Canary Wharf at The Racing Post’s modern offices, this placement offers the chance to write for racing’s famous daily newspaper. To gain entry, you’ll need a flexible attitude, an interest in journalism and a good knowledge of horseracing.

    This is a placement for someone with an interest in Thoroughbred pedigrees and sales. It’s a wonderful opportunity to work in one of the world’s greatest auction companies over a period leading up to their premier autumn sales.

    Timeform is an internationally renowned organisation. Timeform ratings are now widely accepted as the definitive measure of racing merit, and its many publications have become indispensable to thousands of serious punters. Based in its Halifax office in West Yorkshire, this placement will be designed to suit your interests and skills, which must include a good knowledge of horseracing. Your role could be in editorial, marketing or general operations.

    A placement at Weatherbys (based in Wellingborough) enables you to experience first hand the variety of business activities undertaken by this 230 year old private company. Combining tradition, values and integrity with innovation and excellence, its three companies – Weatherbys Thoroughbred, Weatherbys Bank Ltd and Weatherbys Ventures, provide the racing industry with everything from racing administration to banking and financial services in addition to an array of commercial activities.

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    we welcome all in this country.our goverment will make sure you have a place to live.and money in your pocket .who says we dont have a sence of humour

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    Those placements are to do with the BHA Graduate scheme, not Darley.

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    Those placements are to do with the BHA Graduate scheme, not Darley.

    Well aware of that, thanks .. should have made that clearer they are 2 separate parts.

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    You should have. I was pointing out they were 2 seperate things for other people’s benefit rather than yours.

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    Very kind of you 8)

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    I can’t speak for all the above, but certainly Weatherbys and probably the Post are happy for you to send in CVs on spec rather than necessarily for the purposes of getting a specific advertised job.

    Be under no illusions that the demand for Post jobs is extremely high, simply because a lot of very talented people have been waiting an age for any to turn up. There were no full-time appointments to the Spotlight writers’ team until the shake-out of any potential or actual takeover of the paper became apparent, and a recently-advertised post-race analyst post attracted a shortlist – never mind longlist – of around 100 serious candidates.

    Do you already have a body of work on the internet, MDeering? Building up a portfolio of unpaid work to point potential employers in the direction of as and when necessary is far from the worst way to go about things.


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