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    The flags at every race course in britain and ireland should be at half mast today for the passing of a true legend , i used to love an old rogue called LITTLE BAY and bar falls the only time this fellow used to get beat was by refusing to go by the leader on the run in after cantering up to them , one day at ascot i can remember the orchid giving him the best part of a stone and little bay could never get close enough to him to get a chance to slam the brakes on and this was over 2 miles which shows the range of a horse which won countless king georges the gold cup ,whitbread and even the irish national , i bet white lightnings up there now giving arkle a run for its money.

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    he led a long life and left a great legacy of memories so no reason to be sad.

    For me its those spine tingling encounters with the likes of Pegwell bay and panto prince.  Racing needs horses like him.


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    The best P.R. figure  National Hunt racing had.

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    Sad news, but 27 is a fair innings, and it’s good to hear he went easily.

    I’ll always remember his spectacular jumping and iron resolve, and he was beautifully handled by David Elsworth.

    The best British-trained chaser I’ve seen, apart from Mill House, he was one of the all-time greats.

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    I got into racing just as Richard Dunwoody started to ride Dessie. He was the first chaser that I really supported and to this day he is still the best I have seen.

    A true legend.

    The Market Man
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    Dessie is easily the best Steeplechaser I’ve ever seen. Anywhere other than Cheltenham and Dessie would’ve laughed at Best Mate.

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    Since the age of about 20 whenever I’ve been asked for my all time sporting hero, I’ve answered ‘Desert Orchid’.

    The majority of people, especially non racing fans, think I’m barking to name a horse.

    They obviously never saw the battles with Yahoo, Pegwell Bay and Panto Prince (to name just 3).

    Cheers Dessie, thanks for everything – RIP.


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    very sad news.He was a truly wonderful horse and always tried his best.You know the day is going to come and you always dread it.It is so fitting that he will be buried at Kempton.Thank you Dessie for all the wonderful years of pleasure you have given me.I will love you always and forever .R.I.P. xxxx

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    I can only add to everything written in all the above.I would also like to thank the Burridges for letting us the public be part of his life.<br>  He was a wonderful horse and will always be my favourite horse ever.All my lounge walls have pictures of him on them .I heard it on the News and even though I had tears running down my cheeks I was smiling at the great memories he gave,especially his Gold Cup win.

    R.I.P. Dessie.I will love you forever. xxxxx

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    Lovely stuff all, heartfelt eulogies for a truly great horse to which nothing needs adding

    Memories are made of this.

    Sailing Shoes
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    He was simply breathtaking.


    Pegwell Bay
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    The best racehorse I have ever seen, and likely to be the best I ever see in my lifetime.

    And the most exciting and courageous I’ve ever seen too. His Gold Cup win will live long in the memory.

    Thankyou Dessie.

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    Will be missed – very sad to read this when I got home, glad he had a long and happy retirement after an amazing career.

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    <br>I was extremely privileged to be connected with the stable prior to his arrival and thus aware of him almost from the day of his first race. I also owned the first horse that Janice Coyle ever led up when she was just a chubby cheeked teenager in 1980 and of course she went on to be part of the story.

    I remember in his first season, I was at Sandown when he ran in a 2M novice hurdle and I was able to back him at 10/1. At that stage all concerned were trying to get him to settle in his races, so he was held up in rear and then stormed through the field to lead at the final hurdle.

    In a moment that cost me on the day, but which proved crucial for his future, his rider stopped riding at the first winning post and got caught and beaten a neck. No TV in those days, so hardly anyone noticed, but it mean he was still a novice for his second season when he ran up a sequence in novice company. If he’d won that race and had to go straight into handicaps, who knows if he would have developed in the same way?

    People have mentioned the numbers that must have been attracted to racing by his charisma and one of them was my niece, just five when he won the Gold Cup. I was visiting my sister the day after that race when the BBC showed a replay on their then regular Friday sports program. My niece came charging into the kitchen hugely excited shouting ‘He’s winning it again Mum’. To this day she nevers stops asking me when I’m going to own a grey horse, all others being inferior in her eyes.

    He had a great life and I’d just like to add that in my view, he was very fortunate in his owners choice of trainer.

    I feel a 1989 video evening coming on ……


    Gareth Flynn
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