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    Have you ever seen an image so surreal, so unusually disturbing that it haunts you; that it follows you everywhere you go? A vision of Hell which you see formed in clouds; painted on the undersides of your eyelids; and reflected in your morning cup of coffee? like its trying to push you into madness?

    The above named clip (on yesterday’s Channel 4 coverage) has made me feel mentally ill.<br>

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    Fortunately £15pm now ensures life is (virtually) Thommo free so I was spared the spectacle. It could be argued that this vision of Hell was rendered less Hadean by the presence of said carousel and timid child to divert the eyes from the grinning goon.

    A dead-heat for first place between the mute button and the wheel in the list of mankind’s great leaps forward

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    I hear a rumour that Paul Nicholls, writing in this Saturday’s Racing Post column, will suggest said child tells Thommo to **** off – as the parent, who paid for the ride after all, has the right to hear his comments first.  :biggrin:

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    Riding A Carousel, While Interviewing A Timid Child

    Well at least he wasnt interviewing a Carousel and …..


    The Market Man
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    If there is extra terrestrial life out there – PLEASE ABDUCT THOMMO and don’t bring him back.

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    I have to admit to staring, slack jawed at the TV at this one, before descending into hysterics.

    As for trying to wrap up the segment by frequently professing to being about to throw up, I’m surprised the kids hadn’t started scaling the walls to get away from him. Poor things.

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    I think you should all get over both Thommo and Rishi. They do a good job of entertaining casual viewers, the type of people that BBC and C4 are rightly targeting with their coverage.

    The type of people who post on this forum do so because they want to delve deeper into the sport and if terrestial tv were directed at us it would marginalise the sport.

    I paid no interest at all to racing for the first 18 years of my life and if it wasn’t for the Beeb/C4 coverage I would never have got into it.

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    I can put up with Rishi as I think he’s just bad at his job but not an unlikeable person.<br>Thommo though is bad at his job and also insincere, ungenuine, unlikeable and I cringe at some of his ‘interviews’. The americans would love him so I wish he’d go and live in their country.

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    Completely agree with Swallow. The guy’s just cringeworthy. There’s ways of attracting ‘ordinary folk’ to racing but he isn’t one of them! Rishi is at least easy on the ear and the eye and so is far more suited to the ‘attraction’ task IMHO.

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    Absolute class, Mounty!!! :biggrin:

    I was another who stared in disbelief before slating Thommo as a prick (I believe that was the phrase!) to the boys in the office.  The man simply beggars belief – every time you think he can’t out-Thommo himself yet he always manages to pull another rabbit from the hat….

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    Why do so many think that racing has be reduced to the pantomime mentality to be seen as attractive?<br> Most of the appeal to the newcomer is surely in making money by using one’s wits, so why the current vogue for dumbing down the sport to the level of a kindergarten? <br>This approach has proved so successful for CH4 that we are now in a position where we have to pay them to present it, ffs.<br>Maybe I’m showing my age, but I can recall when such as Peter O’Sullevan and Julian Wilson treated the sport with proper respect, and ‘knew their onions’ far better than the Thommo’s and Persad’s are even capable of.<br> Even the lightweight and lamentable John Rickman was better than this shower, and it’s long odds-on that the above attracted far more people into racing than the current crop of clowns and guessers ever will.:(

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    Horse racing’s appeal is surely not just for making money by using one’s wit.<br>It should be considered a sport worth watching for its colour, vibrance, and magnificence of horse and jockey.<br>Gambling is an added spice to the mixture and too much of it leads to the ruination of the dish and its spectator.

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    Rishi isn’t bad at his job, he just has poor racing knowledge. Same goes for Zoe Bird, but their ability as broadcasters shouldn’t really be brought into question. There are few people in the industry that are naturally comfortable in front of a camera and have good racing knowledge and aren’t nervous enough to allow it to come across. Out of the regulars that appear, I can only think of Neesom, the shoe, Mellish, Luck and Hislop that come across that way.

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    Zoey Bird (or Hannon as she is now) has come on a lot recently.  I remember her at ATR when it first started and she could hardly string a sentence together without half a dozen "errrr"s, but she’s very capable now.

    <br>I would agree with Nor that racing isn’t just about betting, especially for someone like me who rarely ever bets! If it wasn’t a spectacle as well, why bother visiting a racecourse? It’s so much more than just a way to make money, and I just can’t see how Thommo adds anything at all to that attraction.

    I would actually say he’s uncomfortable in front of a camera, which is why he feels the need to overact all the flippin’ time!

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    I like Derek.

    He’s nice.


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