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    Has anybody else had a problem with trying to deposit funds using their laser card (Irish equiv of Maestro I think). I had no problem with any bookies before but now I can’t lodge to either Stan James or Ladbrokes since my card expired and I got a new one. Ladbrokes site says they cannot accept this type of card any more and their customer service can’t help (they suggest using a credit card which I don’t want to do). The card works fine with Paddy Power, Betfair, Bet365 so it’s not that.

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    We’re all very succesful punters on here( you are obviously the exception), so never have to deposit. Although if you ever have any problems withdrawing let me know. :lol: I wish!!!!!!

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    David, I suspect that this will be a commerical decision based on the higher % payment the the issuser receives from the retailer from this type of card, for each transaction. In the UK Maestro and Solo are not accepted everywhere for this reason. If this is the case, unfortunately there’s nothing you can about it. Althought, seems strange that it started with the new card so I may be wrong.


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    Nothing to do with bookmakers but some time ago I could not make any payments using my PayPal account.

    Going through the PayPal help file and FAQ produced some weird and wonderful answers and solutions, none of which worked. Emailing PayPal did not produce a workable answer.

    It turned out that all that had happened was my card had expired and going to my account and putting in the new expiry date solved the problem. Why a message did not pop up saying my card had expired is beyond me. :roll:

    I’m not saying this is your problem but might be worth checking.

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    I have changed the expiry date and it is since I did that I can’t deposit funds.

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    Has the security code (CV2) on the card changed, David?

    When new cards are issued the account number (16 digits on the front of the card) will remain the same, but both the expiry date and security code normally change.

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    I am unable to use my Laser card with StanJames (or VC for that matter) but I have no issues with Ladbrokes – I did have to provide Ladbrokes with Bank Account details though to widthdraw money….

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