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D!cks who let off fireworks in October

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    Hi everybody

    If you’re a long term regular of this forum and have known Kotkijet for a while, you’ll know that within this time I’ve made a transformation from horse racing loving capitalist thug to AR loon who despises everything that Britain and capitalism stand for. Understandably, this transition has resulted with an atmosphere of dislike from much of TRFs faithful.

    Tonight, I’m starting a thread which will probably appease the more-police-less-young-people tory sect of this forum.

    What shall we do with those d!cks who let off fireworks before bonfire night? Especially those tw@s who do it when I’m walking my dog!

    I like the fourth option.

    What does everybody else think?

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    Well, i was actually worried about this as I was supposed to be going round to look after my girlfriends dogs who hate fireworks, but seen as though I wont be required now, I say bxxxxxks, let um get on with it.

    However, if in a sound mind state, I’d say shoot them.<br>Keith

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    Some silly students have been letting them off at the back of our house the last week or so (post midnight!), and as my room is at the back it’s been a pain in the backside when I’m trying to sleep!

    However apart from that I’ve got nothing wrong with general letting-off-of-fireworks before November, although why they can’t just wait till after Halloween is beyond me.

    I’m part of the more-police-less-thugs tory sect ;)  but I’m afraid to say as long as the fireworks aren’t being misused by the under 18s then I’m not bothered.

    Racing Daily
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    I voted to lay the boot in.  The reason:  if you tried to tell them off, they would probably try to kick your head in.

    lollys mate
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    I got woken up last night at by the loudest multiple BANGING firework I have heard.

    I thought there was a law against fireworks going off after 11 pm, and after looking into it with a couple of phone calls this morning, I was told that "its okay, because its a religious celebration, Diwali".

    It sounds like Storming Norman has just entered Harrow on a mission! And this will go on for a whole week!

    I was told, after asking, that my fireworks on November 5th, however, have to be finished by 11pm.

    Ho. Hum !!!!!!

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    lollys mate

    you truly are a Grade 1 w**k

    I suggest you p**s
    off to Spain with all the other sad tits and live in your sad little white enclave where you can reminisce about some non-existent good ol days when the Krays were kings and you were (presumably) gonna be something more than the grumpy old twat you’ve become.

    Our loss of course, will be Spain’s gain.

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    Getting back to the point,

    shoot them all, regardless of colour, age, sex, reason or sense. b*****d

    lollys mate
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    You bite easier than Kotki. LMRTO:biggrin:

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    I just hope Meshaheer sleeps now on the front of the house and avoids that pain in the backside she complained about.

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