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    When I originally posted my condolences here, I was so shocked and saddened I found it impossible to write anything meaningful.

    As has already been said, Craig did so much for so many people by creating this forum and running it in the way he did and by setting up the syndicates to make ownership available to people who may not otherwise have been able to become involved.

    I feel very lucky, and very privileged, to have been one of those people.  I have made great friends and had great fun, first on the forum and then with syndicates.  There are so many good times that will stay in my memory forever – from the first time I met other syndicate members (we were supposed to go to Exeter to see Maisie Down’s first run but it was called off so we diverted to Ascot ), through that oh-so-memorable visit to Folkestone (funny how all the men had incredible hangovers but the women just carried on, albeit in a blissful, alcoholic haze!), on to Pete the Parson and the hallowed turf of the Cheltenham paddock, then to Gloaming (how many ciggies did Craig get through at Sedgefield??) and Glistening Silver and so to little Archie Clark, who was really far too sweet for racing.  And in between there were stable visits and race meetings, each one an excuse for a darned good natter and a great deal of fun.  

    All I can say is thank you Craig – you’re going to be missed by an awful lot of people.

    <br>HJ – most definitely count me in, too.  Leicester would be grand – I have a glorious memory of John G staggering down the steps from the owners bar after we had persuaded him into belated celebrations of Glistening Silver’s win a few days earlier!

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    As a newcomer to the syndicate this year I only met Craig once on the first stable visit in February but he made us feel welcome even though it was a cold and misty morning. Unfortunately circumstances have conspired against me to get to any other visits or indeed to Lingfield for Tajree’s debut.<br>I think a dedicated race would be a very good idea and at the risk of using a cliche "count me in". Either venue wouldn’t be a problem.<br>

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    Cracking idea HJ & I’ll be happy to contribute.

    Would it be possible to sponsor a race in which his Taj could run?

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    HJ, as I’ve said before to you I’d really like to be involved and help if I can, just let me know if I can be useful.

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    Happy Jack, good luck with this project and thanks for taking it on.

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    May I just add my condolences . Many people seemed to think that TRF and TH were at daggers drawn but it has never been like that at all – a very many people are members of both forums . I have always thought that they complemented each other.

    Whenever I had on the rare occasion any need to contact Craig , sometimes about wronguns that were plaguing both forums he was unfailingly helpful .

    Reading all your tributes has been a moving experience and I wish you all the best and especially condolences to his family at what is an unspeakably awful time .

    When Alan Morgan died we found the raceday we had to remember  him an enjoyable and poignant occasion out of which a lot of forum members got a great deal and I would recommend it . It is a fitting tribute to people like Alan and Craig that are at the centre of forum communities and do so much hard work for the pleasure of the rest of us.

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    I was a very regular user of the forum in the early years and had many hours of fun and chat with Craig.  I had the pleasure of meeting him at Leicester (with LRM) at an evening fixture and both were top people.  It was obvious then how close they were and how much racing and this site meant to Craig.  His ambition was to make it into the undoubtedly success that it has been and that is the measure of the man.

    I am deeply saddened and upset by the news and my thoughts go out to Debs and the family during this time.<br>

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    I haven’t had a lot of contact with Craig as I am a relatively new member, but my deepest sympathy goes out to you and your family, from what I have heard Craig will definitely not be forgotten. So sorry. Matt.

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    As with every one else, I am deeply shocked at  Craig’s death.<br>I have been part of this Forum for many years, not contributing as much as I used to, or like to, for various reasons. <br>But the fun that we had in The Chatroom years ago, particularly on a Friday night [just before JTS went out on the town to feel some flesh 🙂 ], was brilliant.<br> Whenever it was queried, "Where’s Daylight ??", the response was inevitably, "He is in The Bath!"<br> So when we were conversing we were always privilaged to have a very Clean Daylight in attendance! 🙂 <br> His in depth knowledge of our beautiful game was a joy to behold, and laced with lashings of good humour, it was always pure fun to discuss The Races’. 😉 <br> I would be very interested in any racing activity in his memory, which ever kind memeber is taking on the task, please ensure everyone is kept informed .<br> If a raceday is planned we must ensure we are suitably bathed and up for it 🙂



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    Yes count me in Happy Jack

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    Thank you all once again for your continued messages.

    I’ve got a problem with the TRF and Network Racing emails at the moment and I don’t know how to fix them, so if anyone needs to get in touch please use the following email address:<br>

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    Debs – thinking of you and Luke today.

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    Me too Debs. Take care

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    Craig’s funeral went well. The service was lovely and, although I didn’t really look around as I was leaving the church, somebody told me afterwards it was standing room only which I’m extremely pleased about and exactly what Craig deserved.

    Thank you to those of you who have PM’d and emailed me. I’m sorry if I haven’t responded yet – I will. I don’t know when though, but I will.

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    My heart goes out to you.How well I know the pain.

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