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    Cordial was an Ex flat horse, trained by Sir Mark Prescott. He gradually improved to get a rating of 88.

    The nice looking grey was beaten into 4th by 29 Lengths on his hurdling debut at Hereford. Finishing behind notable novices, Straw Bear and Acambo.

    Was expected to win on his second start over hurdles at Fakenham. However whilst making progress he fell at the 6th hurdle, breaking his neck and dying instantly.

    It later emerged that the obstruction he tripped over was put in place by a human being. Motives behind why he did this are unclear to ATR, but to most observers, he did this in the name of keeping the breeding industry alive and well. Not to mention the spurious entertainment activity known as gambling.

    Nevertheless, there is no doubt that Cordial did suffer pain and distress today.

    RIP Cordial

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    I’m not quite sure if you are trying to say something other than this was sad, another fine animal lost. If you are please clarify your point.  Cordial was indeed a fine looking horse and appeared to suffer about as little as a horse can when falling fatally.  Also sad to me is that this event got not a line of coverage in the press compared to the excessive amount of coverage given to Best Mate.  When people asked me about Best Mate I pointed out to them that horses do die every week and this is in my eye equally as sad.  I don’t buy into this hero worship thing and if it wasn’t for Cordials, Best Mates wouldn’t be heroes.  Yes, R.I.P. Cordial.

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    Hey there namesake… (I’m called Simon an’ all)

    I was alluding to the fact that a horse died for the sake of us punters. The fact that us punters couldn’t give a rat’s ass about a horse dying meant that it went in line with the status quo.

    I.E;- we didn’t have to die so why should we give a s**t


    Simon :)

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    Kotkijet – I really don’t know why you follow racing…your initial post sounds like something Animal Aid would write. If you disapprove of these "obstacles" (hurdles) that are used, why do you watch it?

    I didn’t see the race but it’s very sad when horses like Cordial lose their lives before they’ve reached their potential…as it is sad with any equine death. :(

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    I agree Meshaheer. To say we don’t give a rat’s ass is an insult in my opinion. The fact that this section is here shows that we clearly do, albeit not enough to stop watching. I think it’s sad that a forum that’s supposed to be a place we can mourne and remeber fallen horses has turned into a place where Kotkijet can mock his fellow racing fans.

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