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    I was just watching Big Brother.

    I watched as those 3 idiots giggled away to themselves and thought to myself:

    "keep laughing morons, you’ve just thrown your careers away"

    They’ll not be laughing when they come out. Dumb ****


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    I just read a comment on a forum that:

    "Jane Goody makes two short planks look like a computer"

    I’ve never heard that one before. Wish I had thought it up myself.


    Jim JTS
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    Jeesus are there people still watching Big Brother? 😮

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    Sorry I am all confused now. I thought it was Celebrity big brother? What is Jade Goody doing in there? Come to think of it what are any of them doing in there? Mad people.

    dave jay
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    I saw the vile rascist slur replayed on the news the other night .. <br>‘Who is it that eats with their fingers?'<br>’Indians or maybe Chinesse, I dont know.'<br>’Yuk!’<br>.. hardly trying to coax the Indian girl into putting her head in the oven are they?

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    Quote: from bigtony on 10:38 pm on Jan. 17, 2007[br]Wait a minute….What career:biggrin: ????<br>

    A career built on total stupidity!

    Apparently she’s on £310,000 to be in the BB House. Stupidity pays dividends it seems!


    Irish Stamp
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    I take it when they get out given that they’ve been on television and are likely to influence people they’ll be arrested for "incitement of racial hatred"

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    Quote: from robnorth on 1:05 pm on Jan. 18, 2007[br]

    <br>Apparently she’s on £310,000 to be in the BB House. Stupidity pays dividends it seems!

    "No one ever went broke underestimating the taste of the (American) people" – H L Mencken

    Haven’t seen this tawdry programme but from what I can glean from news reports it would appear to me to be little more than a particularly nasty case of bitchiness, with the attendant all-too-easy racial slurs blown out of all proportion by the media: a gang of ugly, dim, foul-mouthed women feeling threatened by – and jealous of – a lissome, diffident, attractive, educated, well-spoken lady.

    "Misogynist: a man who hates women as much as women hate one another" – Mencken again

    lollys mate
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    Was it racist?

    Personally I think it was an attack on her class. She has so much more to give than the three girls who gave her abuse. She has the looks, the film career, a future and possibly loads of money. (not sure).

    She was also capable of dishing out a few insults of her own.

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    I have been watching Big Brother and say it is classic school playground bullying with a touch of racism thrown in amongst other things. I don’t think the girls are smart enough to realise that they are being a racist pack of bitches. However they clearly are.

    Quite agree with Drone’s view on the reasons they are ganging up on Shilpa. What is amazing is that nobody in there has the spine or the balls to put a stop to it.

    Although Shilpa was reported to say that she retracted her comments that it was racist abuse she has not heard the behind her back comments that the viewers have. She will change her mind when she sees the VT.

    Where did they find such a bunch of thickos!!!! Did you have to fail an IQ test to get in or something? The programme with Jade & Jack’s Eskimo & nipples questions was priceless. PMSL. Scary to think what passes for celebrity these days.<br>

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    I’ve just found out my ex is auditioning to get in the next BB, he would fit right in with all the other knobheads in there IMO!  

    I look forward to the day actually, as i will really enjoy telling the tabloids everything about him and ruining his life, and getting paid for it, even better!!!!  Might even see some of the 500 quid he "borrowed" off me which i never got back!!

    Me, bitter……..nah!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

    Revenge is a dish best served cold!:biggrin:

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    Katy – get in touch with them and they might put you in there with him. Then you could REALLY get your revenge and, to make things even more rosy, we could all watch!

    Danielle – easily led and too stupid to realise the implications of her words/actions<br>Jade  – totally ignorant<br>Jo – worst of the three by miles. She knows exactly what’s going on and eggs it on with her little encouraging smirks and smiles at the other two. She reminds me of the nasty kid at school who starts all teh troubble, retires to the background and then watches it all go off.

    I know its de rigeur to say teh programme is rubbish and the lowest common denominator and all that but IMO it is an absolutely brilliant concept which continues to force society to confront some of the uncomfortable realities of Britain today. Since day 1 it’s been a reasonably accurate mirror of our society, in its own way.  

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    It’s what happens when you put a load of morons with more money than IQ points in the BB house.

    I’ve not watched it and I haven’t seen any clips of it because I’m in the US at the moment, but it sounds like a big fuss over nothing…am I right that it made front page headlines/leading story on the news programmes? If that’s the case I think the sensationalist media need to get real. People make comments like that every day – obviously in the public eye it’s less acceptable but as I said before… you’d expect those sorts of overpaid losers to start spouting such drivel. If more respected and intelligent public figures were caught out like that then I could understand more of a reaction…

    However, the quote that Dave Jay posted (about eating with fingers), to me, wouldn’t be racist – they’re merely referring to a nation of people in a childish way. I’m really getting it ripped out of me for being a Brit over here :biggrin:

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    AM I right in thinking its Jade and Shilpa up for eviction this week?

    Jade will think she’s home and hosed. The look when she gets evicted will be priceless.

    Tete Rouge
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    I’m really getting it ripped out of me for being a Brit over here  

    Which is one reason why it is not a "big fuss over nothing" – I don’t particularly want to be labelled a racist because I am British!

    In any event, even if no "racism" is involved – and I do believe some of the stuff we have seen amounts to racism – there is bullying.  

    (Edited by Tete Rouge at 5:17 pm on Jan. 19, 2007)

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