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Chi and A/E

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    Was there a conversation on here recently that covered these 2 scores or have I imagined it?

    I cannot find anything using the search facility.

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    LostSoldier mentioned that more and more punter syndications were using computer alg and were throwing markets AOTS. Don’t think there was much mention regarding anything specifically as it was more of a wider chat on value however i could have missed that also.

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    Thanks KevMc, but I don’t think it was Lostsoldier I have looked at his recent replies and could not find anything.

    It started out as a discussion on whether strike rate or ROI was more important.

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    Hi Chestnut

    You’ll find an explanation of chi here

    ARCHIE SCORE: How to Check Your Selections True Chance of Winning

    and AE here…

    Chi is widely referred to as a measure of confidence, but to me its more a measure of randomness.

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    I can’t recall anything specifically on the subject of ROI or Strikerate. I usually move the betting related stuff to “research” sub forum if it’s appropriate, and the conversation has come to an end. I would definitely have moved a subject like that to research, but can say for definite that I haven’t seen a thread like that.

    “Is it value” as Kev mentions, sounds like the most likely thread. It’s in “research”, and is 7 months old, in case you didn’t search as far back on Soldiers posts.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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