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    I personally think CH4 were all over the place with their coverage today. Francombe/Walsh cut short when discussing the Supreme runners in the paddock, Noland apparently being 11/2 fav which Francombe took as gospel, Leslie asking Nicholls just before their interview if ROR was his first CH winner and then the poor commentary in the CC. Coupled with all those woeful bookies adverts in the break it was a very poor show indeed.

    I expect better tomorrow from a team who are usually pretty good with their live coverage.

    The Young Fella
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    The coverage was not great today.

    I think Simon Holt was particularly below-par even aside from his Cross Country call. He seemed rather flustered and stumbled over his words throughout the afternoon, not like his usual ‘languid’ self at all.

    I like the mini series with Holt and Paul Nicholls discussing Kauto Star, though. I learned some new things about Kauto there. The Pipe/Scudamore interviews also look like good fillers.

    Was it just me, or did Alice Plunkett say Inglis Drever won the 2003 World Hurdle? :shock:

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    I agree that the pieces you mention were good, but for the most part their coverage lacked fluency or confidence. Probably the worst moment was when Alice Plunkett claimed that the ground was riding soft just because Cinders And Ashes won (a horse which had form on heavy true, but connections did say earlier in the programme that he would appreciate better ground), despite the times recorded clearly indicating very fast ground. Lazy journalism there. Plunkett not on best form today at all.

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    Unusual for Simon Holt to have an off day, but he did today. Maybe his view of the CC wasn’t as good as ours watching on our tellies.

    What I didn’t like was the constant flitting around from camera to camera just before the off. When the horses are circling at the start and you’re waiting for the rour, you don’t want to keep flitting to pictures of the crowds, or the course. Just let us watch the horses! It seems as if the director is scared we’ll get bored with one view if we’re watching it for more than five seconds.

    However, fair play to Alistair Down for saying that Scotsirish had been "euthanased" rather than using that totally inappropriate word "destroyed".

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