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    Sad to hear Arsenal officials, players and fans whingeing about their defeat.<br>Fair enough they started well but in essence one team attacked for 90 minutes while the other defended!<br>Barcelona also hit the post.<br>As for the criticism of the ref, he wasn’t the best but gave Arsenal every chance by bringing play back after Giuly "scored" to send Lehmann off (obvious professional foul-had no choice) and awarding Arsenal a free kick that never was from which they scored.<br>Learn to lose with grace!

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    I think Arsenal got the better deal out of the disallowed goal/red card decision.

    Was the Barca goal offside? Looked about level, so the striker had to get the benefit of the doubt.

    And, as you say, their complaints ignored the dive for the free kick (which would have been a 2nd yellow for their player).

    It’s a very one-sided view of the game and their basic complaint seems to be that the referee didn’t give every questionable decision in their favour.  

    But, it’s just like the famous Holland-England game – the "Koeman" game – where the English complained bitterly about the failure to send Koeman off, but never mentioned Rijkaard’s wrongly disallowed goal in the first half.

    Unfortunately this sort of thing is encouraged by the media who have a tendency to play to the domestic fans rather than have the balls to point out the facts in a balanced way.



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    Barcelona are now offically the best club in Europe. Unoffically who would you say the best in Europe were? Barcelona. There isn’t much doubt in my mind who the best team was, and they won.

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    em.. Im not an arsenal fan and I certainly dont think the referee was that bad.

    In saying that, I though Arsenal were the better side up til the moment the spanish scored the first goal and my friend whos is a barce nut was very dissapointed with them up to that.  Arsenal looked more like for a long stretch of the second half as if they were going to hit a second as there counter attacks were looking  much more dangerous then a Barce team that seemed to be seriously lacking in a final ball.  But I suppose that is the magic of Barce, eventually it did click.


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