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    TRF members guide to enjoying Carlisle racecourse

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    Another course ticked off yesterday at Carlisle. Long journey there and back in a day from Brighton but achievable with a 0530 start getting home at 2345.

    Arrived at 1150 from Euston, found a Ladbrokes round the corner from the station to do a place pot and a football bet and also a nice chip shop nearby, could have ate in but spotted some benches near a castle sort of thing opposite so that there and had lunch.

    Wandered up to the bus station as there was a 1240 bus which was easy to spot and £1.60 fare, about a 20 minute journey to the course, bus returned at 5 minutes after the last race and 30 minutes but that may be a bit off as it is the same bus doing another trip.

    Admission was £17 plus £3 for a race card and only one enclosure so could walk around anywhere. I found viewing a bit disappointing from any place I tried, a lot of the course invisible to the eye due to the dip and for me about only half the course easy to see. A big screen showed it all but I prefer using binoculars and it was hard to really watch races that way.

    Pint of lager was £4.30 and no wait for service and as it was a small crowd there plenty of seats and tables to sit, food such as fish and chips was about £6 and seemed popular.

    I left after the 5th race to make sure I got back to the station in plenty of time , taxis wait outside and I ended up sharing one with three others back and so only cost £2 each.

    Not a bad course but spoilt by the poor viewing.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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