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    Hi everybody

    I’m of the opinion that profit is theft and profit kills. In turn, many companys that make the large profits are directly responsible for the ruthless market capitalism that ensures that the rich stay healthy and content and the poor stay on the brink of death with very little hope of a just future. (Enough to go around for need, not for greed)

    One way of fighting big companies is to boycott their products in the hope that eventually these monster companies implode.

    Israel for example has a state where I find it very easy to justify a shun as it is as basic as Israel displaying apartheid which is enforced by many innocent deaths a week (over 3500 since 2000!).

    Many companies have investments (supply) in Israel including Marks And Spencers (Who also employ sweatshops in SE Asia) Selfridges, Caterpillar, Disney and the Hilton group.

    Another company worthy of a blanket boycott is Esso since they make unreal money through pollution and encouraged the USA to pass on the Kyoto agreement. Esso respond by investing money in looking for the last drops of oil reserves. With the help of stars and stripes, if poor countries don’t want to give their oil to Esso, they get killed. Simple as. Furthermore, for all their profits, they haven’t invested a cent into research into renewable energy.

    Shell are another company who’ve done extremely well for themselves and in a patronizing attempt to win the publics affection, they made a one off donation of less than £2 million to the tsunami appeal. Compared to the £25 million profit they make each day. That’s like me giving £2.40 to the appeal and calling myself a great philanthropist who wants whats best for the entire world.

    Coca Cola are reknowned for being one of the most evil companies in the world not least for murdering latino unionists and poisoning Indian drinking water.

    I liked the bizarre portrayal of McDonalds in The Yes Men and McDonalds have no place in my little world.

    Personally, I also try to avoid buying anything that will fund the American killing machine which isn’t as easy as it sounds what with many many of our everyday items coming from America.

    I’m also a vegetarian because no animal ever enjoys, nor deserves to be treated like s**t

    and murdered for the sake of our hunger pangs. I understand that it is nature but humans are supposed to know much better – especially as we are the ones that have destroyed mother earth.

    I guess the purpose of this thread is to put the following discussions to anybody interested.

    Which products do you boycott?

    Which products have a good reason to be boycotted?

    Where does boycotting stop if it ever does? (For me, I will only be 100% content with either a global society with a centralised economy or no society at all)

    Whilst we live in the Western world, how easy is it to get by without making compromises with arsehole companies (like banking for example)

    What arguments are there to oppose boycotting products?

    And pretty much anything else that could be discussed on boycotting products.


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    For a start, I boycott all products by Nestle.

    Nestle manufactures baby formula, which they ruthlessly market in the developing world.  They give out free samples to new mothers, until the mothers’ breast milk dries up, but by then they are no longer free and are instead extremely expensive to buy.  By then, of course, the mothers have no choice but to buy the formula, as they are no longer producing milk.

    In addition, many babies die because this formula needs to be mixed with water before it is fed to the infant, and the quality of water in these countries is poor and many babies contract infections from the water which their little bodies cannot cope with, and it kills them.

    Nestle are a hideous company, and their products will not pass my lips.

    dave jay
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    I don’t talk to foriegners on the phone and don’t use McDonalds.

    I will from this moment forward, prohibit the purchase of anything from Nestle, thanks for that Robertylea …

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    Simon…. don’t get me started!

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    I have a nasty, nasty feeling that Double Decker bars are produced by Nestle and after reading that and being told in conversation by someone else of the lack of morals of that company, I doubt I’ll ever be able to eat another one.

    Which is a right b*****d
    as they’re perfect for getting you through a tough day.

    I will NOT go in MacDonalds, not particularly original but I hate the way they lure kids in with cheap little toys when you feel unhealthy just from walking past an open MacDonalds door. To be honest I have a lot of issues with over-produced food, I’m a great believer in putting meals together yourself when companies pack them full of rubbish and then you’re hungry again five minutes later. Time consuming and more expensive, but I bet when I get to Uni later this year I’ll be the only one who takes a spice rack!

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    Zoz, <br>Double Deckers are made by Cadburys, so munch on.

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    Quote: from Ian Davies on 4:45 pm on Feb. 20, 2005[br]<br>”Pasta! Pasta!” <br>

    What a name for a book! So good, they named it twice.

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    Oh dear….Thank you Insomniac for resting my mind on that one, unfortunately the truth then struck me – the b*****d
    s make Toffee Crisps which are even better, so I think I might go and have a cry now :(

    Ian, your memories from Uni sound like a great lifestyle, unfortunately if I tried it I’d have to shoplift Sainsburys on the way home because the chances of me backing a winner these days are worse than slim. Shame….

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    Zoz,<br>        Know what you mean about Toffee Crisps, they’re a favourite of mine too, as well as Double Deckers (and Boost). <br>Perhaps if you were to invest some of your income in Shell, Esso, BP, Nestle, Ladbroke, RTZ, HSBC and Cadbury shares, you could afford to scoff  sweets ’til your hearts content from the dividends they’d cough up.:smiley:

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    What we need is a complete take over bid so that we can then make it an ethicalaly driven company and then feel free to eat as many Toffee Crisps as we want. A plan!!! I love a plan (maybe we could just invent a fabulous chocolate bar called The Plan, it sounds easier).

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    Deny yourself nothing, life is too short;)

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    I’m of the opinion that profit is theft

    I’m of the opinion that, for the most part, profit is a reflection of the value you add to people’s lives.

    However, there are some businesses who have disgusting business practices.

    Personally, I boycott 2 companies:  

    Nestle, for the reasons Elaine gave.

    McDonalds, because

    (1) I don’t like their marketing of unhealthy food to children <br>(2) Their reputation for using legal threats against people who criticise them


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    Morning everybody (just checking to see if these things still exist – they do)

    Nestle are a brilliant example – thanks for that Elaine. I remember a few months ago whilst I was at a boycott M&S picket a man there had a Kit Kat. He offered it to a girl who said that she’d boycotted the product because of the reasons listed above. The man said ‘oh yeah, I heard about that – that was terrible’ waited a few seconds, looked around and took another bite. A truly remarkable moment of comedy and irony.

    So everybody really should forget about giving Nestle any more money which means not buying any of the following products:-

    Felix <br>Friskies<br>Bakers Complete<br>Purina<br>Winalot<br>Go Cat<br>Spillers

    Aero<br>After Eights<br>Blue Riband<br>Breakaway (I was offered one last night – it was the only time anybody had ever said no in that particular drug den)<br>Caramac<br>Drifter<br>Fruit Pastilles<br>Fox’s Glacier Mints<br>Haagen Daas<br>Jellitots<br>Kit Kat<br>Lion Bar<br>Matchmakers<br>Maverick<br>Milky Bar<br>Munchies<br>Nouvelle<br>Polo<br>Quality Street<br>Rolo<br>Rowntree<br>Smarties<br>Toffee Crisp<br>Tofffo<br>Tooty Fruities<br>Walnut Whip<br>Willy Wonka (no s**t

    Bonne Cuisine<br>Branston Pickle<br>Buitoni<br>Crosse & Blackwell<br>Dish Of The Day<br>Eskimo<br>Findus<br>Gales Honey<br>Holgates Honey<br>Lean Cuisine<br>Maggi<br>Pan Yan<br>Pasta Choice<br>Rice & Things<br>Sarsons Vinegar<br>Scrunchies<br>Sun Pat<br>Tartex<br>Vessen Pate<br>Waistline

    Ashbourne<br>Build Up<br>Buxton<br>Contrexeville<br>Nescafe<br>Nesquick<br>Perrier<br>Slender<br>Superquick<br>Um Bongo<br>Vittel (loise)

    Cheerios<br>Cinnamon Toast Crunch<br>Cocoa Puffs<br>Crisp Rice<br>Energen low cal wheatflakes<br>Force<br>Golden Grahams<br>Golden Nuggets<br>Honey Nut Cheerios<br>Lucky Charms<br>Shredded Wheat (Never Eat Shredded Wheat – Being anti – Nestle also helps your navigation skills)<br>Shreddies<br>Robertsons Cornflakes<br>Sunny Jim<br>Team<br>Wheatflakes

    And for heaven’s sake don’t touch L’Oreal

    Hi insomniac<br>I like it when you get started because you’re a pretty clever fellow and I’m always entertained by clever tories if nothing else.

    Hi hoofski<br>Good taste does no doubt deprive me of many things. Like certain chocolate bars, cars, cereals, shampoos, betting shops, fast foods, oil, tissues blah blah blah. I don’t know how I survive without them I really don’t!

    Hi Steve<br>Profit is theft in that it is mathematically and physically impossible for everybody to make a profit. Generally (I hate the word), the companys that make the largest profits (Esso, McDonalds, Nestle, Ford and Kimberly-Clark are leaders in their respective fields) are the most evil, ruthless and patronizing bodies in the world who know that their ways kill yet they literally couldn’t give a flying fart. It’s to be expected in a instinctive hunter gatherer way but mankind has had long enough to evolve from greedy savages.

    Banks make pathetic amounts of money and they get it through the most unsavoury means. Natwest for example made me laugh yesterday. Because I’m overdrawn, I couldn’t make a £5 donation to help the aged so the c*nts (there isn’t a better word for them – I checked) charged me £35. And they will keep doing this even though it was the last £35 charge that sent me past my overdraft.

    When my next paycheck comes in I’m switching accounts as soon as I can. Still, most banks are the same but the best I can do is withdraw my wages as soon as they go into my new account make sure that I never have any money there for them to invest.

    I was wondering Ian Davies if you would like to mind my money? Just so long as you don’t do a Sporting Options on me, I’d be happy to let you mind my money. It should be pretty secure, I mean how many doors in Basingstoke would I have to knock on to find you? Knowing your ego, it’s probably signposted from 50 miles out anyway!

    Just a couple of other products I boycot

    Kimberly-Clark (a.k.a Kleenex) make more than £7.5 Billion a year yet less than 19% of their pulp comes from a recycled source and the rest comes from unsustainable forest operations.

    Bacardi because their USP is their Cuban roots even though they broke all ties with Cuba after the 1959 revolution. Bacardi were in bed with the evil Batista dictatorship and fund the Cuban-American National Foundation – a right wing exile organisation based in Miami.    

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    Hi GH

    If you can live with funding the murder of countless third world newborns then by all means – munch away. Just remember not to chew them :biggrin:

    I only did 2 shifts at Maccy Dee’s and I did it only to humour myself. In both of those shifts, somebody walked out so I guess if I stayed their long enough then I could have been CEO by now and shut the whole thing down. I guess I should have made a public announcement in the Space Monkey thread so not to confuse the good people of this forum.

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    it is mathematically and physically impossible for everybody to make a profit

    Really? Why?

    I disagre entirely.

    As businesses are just the alignment of the efforts of a number of people, your statement, to me, is like saying that it’s mathematically impossible for everyone to make a living.

    There are plenty of businesses that go out of business.

    However, in my experience, that almost always happens because of one or more of the following 3 reasons:

    (1) a bad business model<br>(2) bad management<br>(3) bad (or no) marketing

    None of which are, in my opinion,  mathematical imperatives.


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