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    I’ve been a Labour supporter for most of my voting life. However, I’m now rapidly hurtling towards old age; I doubt if I’ll ever get a pension, because they keep moving it further away from me, so shall probably work until I keel over. During this time, Blair has taken us into wars that must be costing a fortune. I could even cope with all this if it wasn’t for the fact that he and his wife seem to be making millions.However, it annoys me that ‘failed Tory leader Hague’ and ‘Dave, I’m just a regular guy like the rest of you’ should have an influence on anything. I therefore now hope that he does become EU president [whatever that entails and even though he will be even richer]. Actually, I’m not sure that I even care any more; all of the hope I had for the future went a long time ago.

    % MAN
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    No secret I did not want Bliar to be our Prime Minister.

    However in a perverse way I actually hope he becomes "President" of Europe.

    My reasoning being if he screws up the job of leading Europe as much as he screwed up running this country then it may, just may, see the end of the European Union.

    Well I have to live in hope :lol:

    Anyway Europe deserves him.

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    There was a piece about this in

    The Observer

    yesterday, with the cases both for and against Blair being EU President. Surprisingly, I found myself more in agreeance with the fellow arguing in favour of Blair. It kind of made me realise that it’s more the position than the incumbent that I’m skeptical towards.
    Hopefully, this EU President lark is just a means of creating a charismatic figurehead for the EU, and for all he had/has his faults, charisma is something that Blair can seldom be faulted on.

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    charismatic choice would put the cherry on the EU motto:

    Ein Volk, Ein Reich, Ein Fuhrer

    born of the 2001 Laeken declaration that the EU should be "more democratic, transparent and effective", the Lisbon Treaty has ended up being the complete opposite.

    rejected by 3 of 6 referendums, and with 10 governments reneging on promises to hold votes of their own.

    Giscard made no secret of it becoming an exercise in deception.

    ….but then the "progressive" liberal democrats and socialists of the EU know best, eh?

    good students of Goebbels: "it is the absolute right of the state to supervise the formation of public opinion".

    triumph for the fascism of the left.

    in the words of Gorbachev: "The most puzzling development in politics during the last decade is the apparent determination of Western European leaders to re-create the Soviet Union in Western Europe".

    dave jay
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    If Blair does end up getting the job he will be about as prominent as he is now as ‘the middle east peace envoy’, doing nothing and quietly lining his own pocket.

    The whole thing is a laugh, it’s enough to make you want to vote for the BNP. What can you do in the face of this wreckless cynicism?

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    I guess it’s a natural progression from screwing up a nation to having the ambition to screw up a continent.

    Also, MEP’s expenses claims are much better and nowhere near subjected to as much scrutiny as ours, so he’ll be able to easily add a couple of european properties to his ever expanding and taxpayer funded bricks and mortar investment portfolio.

    And, whilst Carla and Cherie are discussing shoes he could pick Niko’s brain on how to get his son a cushy job at the expense of someone worthy of the position to continue to the family tradition of playing highwayman to the citizens.

    Finally, in about ten years time when this country has recovered from the kamikaze government it’s had for the past ten years, he’ll be able to promote Gordo to the job on the basis the country’s recovery is down to the foundations Gordo laid over the past ten years.


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    Anyone disagree with Jeff Randall’s analysis?

    With the corpse of New Labour’s government still warm on the mortician’s slab, an inquest into the death of its salesmen has already begun. David Miliband, the bookies’ favourite to take over as leader, says he will tour the country to find out what went wrong. At the risk of doing his party an undeserved favour, let’s save Bananaman the cost of a trip.
    Despite its record of fiscal incompetence, constitutional vandalism and disregard for Middle England, Gordon Brown’s administration ought never to have collapsed. It had, after all, created for itself a client class of supplicant voters. As part of a grand plan for permanent office, more than one million immigrants were handed British passports (80 per cent of first-generation arrivals vote Labour) and 900,000 workers added to the public-sector payroll.
    More pernicious still, Mr Brown and his ministers were delighted to overlook a grotesque distortion in the make-up of parliamentary boundaries, which meant that a 30 per cent vote for Labour produced about 300 seats, whereas the same percentage for the Conservatives delivered only 200 seats. In short, just about everything that could have been done to bend the system in New Labour’s favour was in place by the time the election was called.
    The problem, however, was that the project had been constructed upon a moral cesspit. The party’s membership had been taken prisoner by a gang of desperadoes who clung to a conviction that honesty and integrity were disposable luxuries, and substance an unwelcome substitute for propaganda.
    The upshot was a dystopian regime in which Lord Mandelson and Alastair Campbell were recalled from ignominy to orchestrate a campaign of lavish deceit.
    Together they became Mr Brown’s very own Squealer, the insidious porker in Animal Farm who manipulates language to justify his boss’s tyranny, while limiting debate and confusing the lower orders. In extremis, when awkward questions persist, Squealer fires off statistics to “prove” that life is improving, and warns darkly against the return of the farm’s previous owner.
    Lord Mandelson had twice been ejected from Cabinet over improper conduct. Mr Campbell was a central figure in the work of fiction that masqueraded as a security dossier on Saddam Hussein’s “threat” to the United Kingdom. They had stripped themselves of legitimacy, yet were regarded by Mr Brown as uniquely qualified to help him retain the keys to No 10. It was a revolting union of unprincipled, unelected, unloved charlatans.
    As the campaign developed, it was soon clear that New Labour was not going to win another Commons majority. After a decade of the government’s chicanery, voters had had enough. Ministers, of course, blamed persecution by the press (even The Guardian deserted), but it was Mr Brown’s financial mismanagement that hung like a burning tyre round his MPs’ necks.
    Unemployment is higher today than in 1997, as are taxes. The pound is worth less than 13 years ago, as are many private pension schemes. Personal insolvencies are at record levels. Worst of all, the state is borrowing one pound in every four that it spends, and our collective debt is set to double by 2014-15 to about £1.4 trillion, equal to one year’s GDP…
    The “success” of New Labour’s economic expansion was a sham, based on a simple formula: spend more than we earn; pass off consumption as investment; wallow in self congratulation. Through the “boom” times of 2003-2007, all of Mr Brown’s budgets involved massive borrowing. He told us we were getting richer, while in effect making us poorer.
    In those five years alone, he clocked up £160 billion of debt. These are harsh, unavoidable facts. The legacy of that profligacy will bear down on British taxpayers for generations. As Niall Ferguson, professor of history at Harvard, has concluded, Mr Brown’s stewardship of the economy was a “disaster”.

    For the full article go to :-

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    Typical Randall really, but he’s not wrong.

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    Trouble is, the very bedrock of NuLab(c)’s failure was the result of their feckless, slavish pursuit of Thatcherite policies:

    Catastrophic, wide-scale deregulation, notably, that precipitating this looming depression (when a game-changing economic tsunami was already in prospect, due to peak oil, resource depletion, environmental destruction) in terms of credit, since the banks make most of their money, not from the servicing of private accounts, but from lending. They preferred the casino economy of the City. Trouble is, as Will Hill once observed, you should never bet on anything that can think.

    Their imbecilic boasting about the UK being Europe’s leaders in inward investment beggared belief? No company was too esteemed at home and abroad but they were willing to sell it to the highest bidder. Those poor, sappy Germans and French still haven’t caught on, have they? ‘We don’t need no steenking companies flagships. We’ll wrap ourselves in the flag one minute, and decimalise our measures, the next.’

    By relying on the intellectual property economy, generally, at the expense of manufacturing industry, the esurient peasants and their demands could be well and truly marginalised and ignored. But God scatters the proud in the imagination of their hearts, and now it’s time to pay the piper. Some of those villas in Tuscany may have to be sold.

    In a less vile age, men would have been paid a living wage and have a modicum of disposable income, with which to purchase goods. So, it was right-wing greed from every angle, desperation for ever-greater profits, while cutting the real income of the majority, led them to show that most uncharacteristic generosity: such easy credit, albeit via extortionate credit cards, that the less worldly, less money-oriented majority of the population, could have been forgiven for thinking that money grew on trees.

    Still, it was shocking to read about the disgusting gerrymandering by NuLab(c)’s finest. The ultimate in political cynicism.

    Atheistic Communism, even latter-day Socialism (Keir Hardie was a Methodist preacher) seems to produce and endless line of hyper-destructive chancers. The Milliband brothers’ father was a Communist, Thatcher’s father, a Socialist councillor, Reagan and Tebbit, shop- stewards. The list is long. Not that the likes of Willie Whitelaw and Nicholas Ridley exactly excelled for the toffs, but there are always ‘outliers’.

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    Not going to go through all that in detail Grimes, but I think it is worth remebering that Uk companies also own French and German businesses too. And is there any reason why they shouldnt?

    Good analysis from Randall.

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    Well, it’s really a bit futile exchanging our beliefs, Clive, isn’t it? But, yes, absolutely. They should be investing their money in factories and businesses in the country whose flag they like to wrap themselves in. You know the one I mean, don’t you? Rhetorical question Clive.

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    ….why the War Criminal Blair led this country into an illegal war which resulted in the deaths of over a hundered thousand inncocent people.

    He was pissed :shock:

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    ….why the War Criminal Blair led this country into an illegal war which resulted in the deaths of over a hundered thousand inncocent people.

    He was pissed :shock:

    How about 4.5 million orphans, pompete? Half a million living on the street, without a home or family care. If that doesn’t cry to heaven for vengeance, I don’t know what would. … ragic.html

    That’s apart from the fathers who served in the forces in Iraq, their minds plagued by flashbacks, nightmares, etc, lost, in a sense, to their families.

    This article was a revelation to me, I’m ashamed to say: … racket.htm

    Read Mark Twain’s War Prayer, too, linked at the end of the article.

    Mr. Pilsen
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    :mrgreen: biggrin

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