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    Desperately sad to hear of the death of this wonderful old horse after a tragic incident at Mick Easterby’s, seems a herd of horses were frightened during the night and escaped onto the road, poor boy broke his leg. He was much loved in his retirement and will be greatly missed.
    RIP Blue Spinnaker

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    How sad. I backed this horse that many times I could have bought him. Part of what should have been a 4 timer in the first 4 at York John Smith’s Cup Day 2008 but I split the bet up. Still was about £400 up on the day for next to nowt but should have been £7K.

    21 years old so not a bad retirement but could have had a good number left.

    RIP Blue Spinnaker :cry:

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    What a sad world it is when a beloved horse of a wonderful old character such as Mick Easterby losses his life in this way. I cannot imagine his grief at coming upon such an awful scene.

    RIP Blue Spinnaker ⚘

    All thoughts to Mick Easterby and his team.

    Things turn out best for those who make the best of how things turn out...
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