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    Titus Oates
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    I have ordered my copy – hopefully it will be dispatched ahead of any interventions seeking to suppress its circulation.

    Genuinely, I think we are now at a tipping point with this issue. It is not just this book, but its publication’s coincidence with the JB statements and the on-going legal case in the US, where the level of documentation being amassed seems to have pushed the trial date well back into 2021. For those interested in this, regular updates appear in the TDN US edition. As someone who also follows athletics and cycling, the parallels with what is going on in horse racing are considerable; even the drugs overlap – not surprisingly, given what racehorses are asked to do. With this level of discussion ‘out there’ and the omerta code seemingly broken, we are now at the point where it is surely not a case of whether WADA gets involved, but when. At that point, no one is too big – just look at what has happened to the Russian Athletics Federation, to Salazar’s Project Oregon, and to Team Sky. Personally, I would like to see retrospective testing of samples, as per in athletics, where the litany of abuse, going back to 2007/8, has resulted in the reallocation of medals at major championships.

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    Hi Sam. As VTC points out, the merge function hasn’t worked for some time and doesn’t seem to be an easy fix. I’ll do some more googling on it and see if we can get it to work – it could be my Christmas present to VTC!!

    Jac – thanks for your kind words. It was a tricky review that one because of the sensitive nature of the topic and the concern I had (that I think you can see hinted at in the review) around potential motives for the book (i.e. disgruntled former employee attacks former boss).

    I have no plans to review this next book but do have a few reviews coming up soon after not really having had time to do these for a couple of years due to work and domestic pressures. I’m happy somebody actually reads them!


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    I read the first book, found it illuminating and disturbing in parts. It was a while ago now but still have some of it very clear in my mind: e.g. the recount of the grim death of Montjeu and the fairly brutal/emotionless routine disposal of the bodies of blue chip mares who had produced champions for Coolmore. There is a tinge of bitterness about the whole thing but I believed these accounts from the breeding barn and can see why there have been legal battles to suppress the book.

    Maybe I’m a finnicky old thing but I did think the first book was let down somewhat by a lack of editing/proofreading. I know the guy is out on a limb producing these alone to fight a colossal entity in Coolmore, but it did come across rather amateurish and reduce his credibility at times. Often digressive and rambly onto other topics as well.

    I’m on the fence about whether to get the second book. £14+ not cheap for something that threatens to be even more “man waving at cloud” – the author’s thoughts on the betting industry, drugs and so on. Thinking I’ll probably pass, as I think the author probably put all his interesting first-hand experiences into the first one, then decided to go for a ‘trilogy’ to try to cover his legal bills.

Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)
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